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Total Defense is a large security technology firm with operations in California, New York and various sites in Europe and Asia. They specialize in anti-crimeware and malaware solutions but have also dipped their toe into online backup. Their site proudly boasts that more than 50,000 businesses worldwide and 4 million customers use Total Defense products. As well as promising anti-virus solutions and PC tune-ups, they have a specific sector dedicated to online backup.

What Does Total Defense Backup Do For You?
Their online backup service supports processors with a minimum speed of 300MHz and with a disk space of 30MB or more. It supports Windows systems such as XP, Vista and 7. Total Defense has 11 global data centers and those who purchase their online backup package will be able to backup their data to 2 of these points everyday. Their price list depends entirely on the amount of space required:

  • 10GB: $49.99
  • 25GB: $59.99
  • 50GB: $79.99
  • 100GB: $149.99
  • 250GB: $374.99


With so many data centers, users are spoiled for choice when it comes to backing up their data. Total Defense’s flexible scheduling is really advantageous for its users because you can backup your data anytime you choose. For example, you could back up your music folder on an hourly basis, your hard drive every evening and your entire system every week. You are able to set up a time interval between backups which means you are always in control of your data.

One of the most important aspects of online backup is the ability to file share. With Total Defense, you have one click file sharing which enables you to share pictures, files and videos to friends and family in an instant. The days of having emails bounce because of extra large attachments are long gone.

The encryption system used by Total Defense has three different levels. Your files become encrypted on your computer, are encrypted a second time after they are sent and a final encryption takes place when they are stored. Even the engineers at Total Defense are unable to decipher your information unless you give them your password.

The time machine feature is also a real bonus. This enables you to have a quick glance at your files from a specific date. You can then retrieve all files from that date if you wish. This is especially handy when it comes to financial matters such as the retrieval of tax documents.

For all its features, various online customer reviews have been less than complimentary when it comes to customer service. Although most of these negative comments relate to their malaware service, it is worrying that the company seemingly takes such a lax attitude to customer service. This is despite their 24/7 technical support claim. Also, the pricing system is puzzling. Companies buying 10GB are punished and can purchase 40GB extra for just $30. However, the difference in price between 100GB and 250GB is zero when you calculate the price per GB of storage. Total Defense needs to look at this situation.

Overall Total Defense Online Backup Review
Total Defense appears to have provided an excellent online backup service. With a 60 day money back guarantee, businesses and individuals have an incentive to try it out. Once you purchase one of their plans, you automatically become entitled to free software updates.

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