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Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 SEO Mistakes Content Marketers Make Without Knowing

The SEO game is all about being found when someone searches for your product or service. If you want to increase traffic, then search engine optimization should be at the top of everybody’s list!

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of content marketing. It helps you rank higher in the SERPS and make sure that your target audience can find out about what it is that makes YOU unique when they search for specific keywords on Google or other engines like Bing.

SEO Strategy

Search Engines work by identifying pages that have certain keywords and ranks them accordingly so their content can come up in a user’s results page – giving those visitors an easier way find out who they would need next.

To do this well means avoiding these common pitfalls listed below.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a scenario whereby you try to repeat the keyword in your content as much as possible thinking that it is a shortcut to SEO success. However, this was a tactic that was used a long time ago, and it is now outdated and no longer practiced by any SEO consultant in Singapore.

In fact, keyword stuffing can lead make the search engines blacklist your site permanently. The search engines are now more intelligent, and they are can easily identify content that is stuffed with a particular keyword. When they come across such content, they will tend to ignore it.

According to SEO expert, the best strategy is to use the keywords only where appropriate without overdoing it. You should learn to write your content like a human being more natural, not like a robot. Learn to use your keywords naturally and sparingly.

Committing keyword stuffing (meaning overusing specific words) which will automatically decrease rankings due to Google algorithm updates; instead focus more on creating unique offerings with broad appeal rather than catering only towards one niche market segment as doing this has been known not just hurt ranking but also engagement rates

Lacking Outbound Links

It’s unfortunate how many people avoid linking out of fear that their content won’t be taken seriously or found credible, but this is not an issue when you have external links to reputable sources for backup and verification! Make sure your site has credibility with relevant in-text citations as well as throughout social media channels like Facebook fan pages (which are often included automatically). You can become more authoritative with your content when you use outbound links. Search engines will reward a site that backs up its claims, but only if there are external links to other reputable websites verifying what is being said on the page–the evidence needed for verification by Google’s algorithm (and human reader) alike!

Not Optimizing Meta Description

Content marketers often use the default options for their meta descriptions, which limits what they can do. However by optimizing titles and descriptions you will rank better in search engines as a result of this strategy
It is important that your content marketing strategies include optimizing the content title and description to match what is in your actual post as this can help you rank better on search engines.Keep in mind that Google typically looks at the first two sentences of your content when ranking it. It’s best to come up with unique Meta titles and comprehensive descriptions for each piece you publish because this will help get more views on those pieces!

Lacking Call To Action In Meta

Call to Action (CTA) statements in your meta information is another great way of attracting people’s attention. The first step towards getting people to click on your link is by grabbing their attention. Just remember that click-through is among the leading ranking factors according to a study done by Searchmetrics.

Using Lengthy Paragraphs

Long paragraphs turn off your visitors, and they will leave your site immediately. Google has a way of detecting this, and it can affect your site ranking.It doesn’t matter whether you are creating the content yourself or outsourcing it. Always insist on short and clear paragraphs.

The paragraphs need to be separated from each other by subheadings. The sentences that make up the paragraphs need to be short and precise. Short and concise paragraphs are good since most people tend to scan through content and they avoid reading.

Therefore, the short paragraphs become easy to understand and encourage further reading. The visitors are left with less information to filter which makes them stay on your site for long. Any SEO marketing expert should understand this golden rule and avoid any mistakes that may hinder readability of their content. Ideally, your paragraphs should be between three to four sentences long.

Using Duplicate Content

Copied content is a significant factor that can limit the success of your content marketing effort. Copying means reproducing exactly what someone else has written and duplicating their work without any changes. It’s also called plagiarism if it includes words or ideas from another source with little modification for use in one’s own writing (or speaking).

It affects your authoritativeness and your search engine ranking. Copying chunks from other sources may seem simple enough – after all we are talking about online resources here! However there’s more than meets the eye in terms of what exactly constitutes as “content duplication”. This includes not only direct copies but also spun language/words used by writers which have been slightly tweaked.

You need to create unique, engaging content for your target audience. If you are unable to do that, your SEO and content marketing efforts will go to waste. Creating low-quality articles that don’t provide any value or new ideas are a waste of time, so you should focus on the high producing ones instead!


Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the top 5 common Google SEO mistakes, how can we be sure your content marketing strategy will yield success? Simple: avoid them all. These are the common mistakes that Google SEO expert will avoid. By doing so, your site will have a higher ranking in the SERPs, which means more visitors for content marketing goals!

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