Memopal Review

Memopal offers online backup solutions that can fit the needs of everything from home users to large enterprises. These plans are priced competitively according to the storage capacity offered, functions, and features available on each package. Whether you’ve subscribed to the basic plan or the enterprise plan though, you can expect incredible value and excellent service from Memopal.

The storage and backup solution supports all three major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are also iPhone-specific apps to make mobile backup a lot easier and faster for users. Given all the impressive features on Memopal, it is not surprising that it is drawing more users every single day.

Some of the features you can expect from Memopal include the following:
•    Windows, Linux, and Mac compatibility
•    Automatic backups
•    Unlimited storage capacity
•    Mobile compatibility
•    Anywhere file access
•    Use on unlimited computers
•    Real-time backup
•    Backup Outlook email files
•    Version control
•    448-bit encryption on storage
•    128-bit encryption on transfers
•    User-friendly web interface
•    30-day free trial
The list above may look extensive but that’s just the beginning. Memopal goes above and beyond usual expectations, which is why it has become popular today. So you might be wondering, how does it compare with its better-known competitors such as Fabrik and Mozy? Well, one of the first things you’ll notice is that Memopal offers an extra gigabyte of space. Its 3GB plan gives you enough space to fit almost everything.

Aside from the extra space, the interface of this backup solution is also easier to use and more aesthetically synchronized. One aspect that may be a bit of an annoyance to some is the conspicuous “Buy” button at the main dialog. For users who need to store and backup more than 3GB of space, the next package is 200GB. This is particularly useful if you need to store the files of various users in a company. Memopal can support up to 10 computers as long as you don’t use up the account limit. The company claims to have servers on different continents. Basically, even if one server goes down, your data will remain safe and accessible.

There is definitely something different with Memopal compared to other storage and backup programs. It creates a “My Memopal” icon in Windows Explorer. This is actually a secure connection that is displayed as a web folder. At first, using the software may seem disconcerting especially if you haven’t used a similar program before. But once you get used to it, the functions appear seamless. It will back up your files automatically; you won’t even notice it’s there.

Overall, Memopal offers great backup solutions at a competitive price. If you’re thinking of subscribing for an online storage service, consider Memopal because it won’t disappoint. A lot of users are already benefiting from the features it offers and your company can benefit from the seamless integration of PC and web backup. Memopal has become popular for a reason; it offers something better than the rest so check out the service today.

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