Jungle Disk Review

Your computer files could be corrupted and lost in just a matter of seconds. A sudden power surge, fire or theft can result in the loss of your very valuable files. If you don’t have your files backed up with an online backup service like Jungle Disk, then you risk losing everything on your computer. Jungle Disk is an online backup service that is very affordable for backing up your computer. They were founded in 1998 and were acquired by Rackspace US, Inc. in 2008 and are quickly becoming a reputable online backup service.

Jungle Disk is different in that they don’t provide the storage. The storage space is provided through Rackspace Cloud Files and Amazon S3. You are given the option to choose where you would like to store your data, either with Rackspace Cloud Files or Amazon S3.

Jungle Disk pricing begins at $2.00 a month for the Simply Backup package, which doesn’t include storage. Storage is purchased separately beginning at .15 per GB. You only have to pay for what you use. Because you pay for what you store, there are no limits on the amount of storage. Jungle Disk does allow you to backup external drives, NAS devices as well as network drives. The price includes storage on multiple computers.

Jungle Disk pricing for business begins at $4.00 a month for the Workgroup Edition, which does not include storage. The Workgroup Edition allows you to backup, sync and access data between 2-100 users. The Jungle Disk Server Edition begins at $5.00 a month which does not include storage. Storage begins at .15 per GB and like the other packages you pay for the storage you use. There are no limits on the file size or the amount of storage you use.

All of your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and stays that way while it is being stored. You have the ability to restore and view backed up files for the life of your service with Jungle Disk. You also have the ability to remove backed up files at any time so you are not paying for storage of unneeded files. You set up the password and only you will have access to your stored files.
Jungle Disk offers email and telephone customer support, but there is no live chat available. However, the storage companies that are affiliated with Jungle Disk do offer live chat. Jungle Disk also offers an FAQ page that is helpful. Customer support isn’t as good as other companies, but seems sufficient enough.

Whether you are looking for personal online backup or business online backup, Jungle Disk can certainly be a very cost effective and secure online backup system for you. Your files are important to you, whether it is emails, family photos, recipes, or your very important business files you need to be assured that your files are safe in the event of an unforeseen mishap. I highly recommend adding Jungle Disk as an online backup source.

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