Elephant Drive Review

While Elephant Drive may not be one of the top names that come to mind when you think of backups, it nevertheless offers an alternative solution. The company offers some unique features at affordable prices. For this reason, it has developed a following among users who want to get good value for their money. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pricing structure offered by Elephant Drive, its backup speed, ease of use, and configuration settings.

•    Pricing Structure – there are three main pricing plans, which cater to both home and business users. For personal users with basic backup requirements, the company offers a plan that allows you to backup up to 5 computers in the home. The total storage is 500GB of files. So if your brothers and sisters are active computer users as well, their family plan can certainly look attractive. For enterprise users, Elephant Drive can provide as much as 1T of space. Their plans range from $9.95/month for 100GB to $415/mo for 1T. All plans already include various configuration settings and file sharing.

•    Backup Speed – when it comes to speed, this service is at par with the best in the industry. In fact, recent testing of various online backup providers has shown that it’s even better than a lot of competitors. Elephant Drive doesn’t cause unnecessary slowdowns on the system because the designers of the software made sure that it won’t interrupt users.

•    Ease of Use – in terms of user-friendliness, you won’t have any problem with Elephant Drive. It has a drag-and-drop functionality so even beginners and intermediate users can comfortably use the software. Simply place everything you want to save on the “My Trunk” folder. It is also east to share your files with people with an Elephant Drive account. However, take note that there is no public sharing feature.

•    Configuration Settings – if you’re an advanced user, you’ll appreciate the configuration setting that are offered by this provider. It allows you to control the backup process and restoration according to your specific needs. The backup folders can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing where your files are where they’re supposed to be.

There are certainly a lot of things that makes Elephant Drive stand out in the online backup industry despite tough competition. But there are limitations to the service as well. For example, the provider places a limit on individual file size. Personal users can only use up to 1GB, family users up to 2GB, and enterprise users up to 50GB. This might not be a problem for most people but if you’re handling multi-media files, it might become a hassle.

Another weakness in the service is their customer support. The support staff at Elephant Drive sometimes reply late to tickets, voicemails, and emails from users although this may not be a serious issue for most. Overall, Elephant Drive offers excellent value for your money. Backup for two computers cost as little as $9.95/month; it is an attractive option for those who are just starting to try out online backup services.

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