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CloudBerry Lab Online Backup provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

Losing data is probably one of the toughest things that can happen to anyone who relies on their computers’ hard drives to store important information, whether they are personal files like photos and videos or office documents. It would be very difficult if not outright impossible to recover such valuable data, which is why it is considered necessary to back up information in a separate drive, or through an online back up system like Cloudberry.

Cloudberry in a Nutshell

Cloudberry is an online backup system. It is essentially a desktop application that lets you tap into the cloud storage, which is provided by Amazon S3, or Amazon Simple Storage Service to help you store copies of your personal or commercial data as well as facilitate its recovery if or when damage to the original occurs.

To put it simply, Cloudberry is the software that lets you access the storage device provided by Amazon S3 hardware. Cloudberry, then acts as the delivery system that shuttles your data to and from Amazon’s huge S3 storage cloud. Now, storing your data through Cloudberry gets rid of having to copy files to numerous CDs or DVDs and is an alternative way of keeping your important information safe.

Key Features

Cloudberry offers plenty of features that make it a promising online backup system. First off, it allows you to schedule back ups so that you don’t have to back up manually all the time. It detects any new files that were made or old files that were modified and makes sure that these are stored into the system so that nothing is ever lost to system crashes or technical failures. Data retention can be scheduled as well.

Data encryption is also a stand out feature, which should put security issues at ease. All backed up files are encrypted and cannot be accessible to other users, providing great data security.

Aside from this, Cloudberry offers a files versioning service, which allows users to go back to previous versions of any updated file using a Point in time restore function. Finally, it provides notifications and alerts for important events or if there is any pressing issue that needs to be addressed.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about Cloudberry’s online backup system is that it is reliable, with an easy to use interface. The interface, in fact, is complex enough for the technically advanced, and yet intuitive enough for the average user. It is simple, and easy to use and shouldn’t pose any hassle to navigate or understand.

Another outstanding feature is the fact that Cloudberry is using Amazon’s trustworthy S3 cloud storage to keep your files. Amazon has always offered a reliable online storage system, and its enormous “cloud” ensures that there will always be space for any new data or upgrades to previously existing files.

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important selling points of Cloudberry is its security. Using Microsoft’s encryption algorithms, it ensures that data is kept safe and away from the prying eyes of cyber-thieves and hackers.

But while Cloudberry seems to have all the backup solutions to fit most users needs, the only drawback so far is that it cannot cater to Mac users, meaning it is only available in Windows and only to those not using Windows 2000 at that. Cloudberry has already explained that this is due to the fact that its makers are Windows experts and have done an outstanding job on a product that caters to its expertise. This is quite understandable, especially if you also take into consideration that Cloudberry is still in its beta testing phase and is yet to be released. Perhaps, as it grows in popularity, it may eventually branch out into the expanding Mac-users market.


As of the moment, Cloudberry is at its beta phase so it is still up on a free trial basis, but once it is officially released, it will cost users a base fee of $29.99 per copy, including free updates and technical support for a year. On top of this, users will also be paying for use of Amazon’s storage facility, which is $0.15 per GB-month and data transfer fees of $0.10 per GB uploaded and $0.17 per GB of downloaded data.

All things considered, Cloudberry presents a great alternative to backing up data and looks to be a product that is worth every penny you’re willing to pay. Some of the many features include easy installation and configuration, data encryption, data retention schedule, and secure online storage.

CloudBerry Online Backup Customer Reviews

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