Backupify Review

Backupify sets itself up as the ‘ultimate backup solution for Google Apps’ and tries to explain that your cloud information is not safe. When you think about it for a minute, most people’s digital life revolves around social networks and other sites that live in this cyber cloud. The majority of the information you use every day can be found in some cloud database. Backupify explains that although data which is stored on online services such as Google are more secure than on a hard drive, it is not completely safe. There are reports of people losing data from sites like Flickr but Backupify guarantees that this can’t happen with their services.

Backupify offers social media and Google Apps backups at different prices. The Google Apps package has a free 30 day trial with prices starting from $3 a month thereafter. The smallest package allows a maximum 25GB cloud storage per user with a 99.9% uptime. The Google Apps packages also support domains in various sizes from one user to more than 10,000.

– Personal Social Media: This is free and allows you to use up to three accounts including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and more. There is a 1GB storage limit, weekly backups and email support.
– MyCloud 100: This is available for $4.99 a month, covers 5 accounts and has a storage limit of 10GB. There is email, phone and web support with nightly backups and a free 30 day trial.
– MyCloud 500: The most expensive package offers everything mentioned above but enables you to use unlimited accounts and gives you unlimited storage for $19.99 a month.

What Backupify Does
Setup is easy and once you have Backupify on your side, your personal information and important data should be safe in the event of any cloud catastrophe. Essentially, it goes in, guzzles your information and stores it on its own cloud servers. You’re basically backing up a cloud in another cloud. In theory, this is s great service but in practice, there are a number of elements that let it down.

Restoring deleted data is not that easy. If you need to restore Google Docs, you will have little difficulty bringing back previously deleted files. However, you can’t restore a Twitter account because the social networking site’s API offers no way of restoring deleted status updates with their original time. So if you restore 100 Tweets, they will appear to have been written within seconds of one another even if they were originally spaced out over a number of weeks.

This type of website is all about securing your data but security is hardly mentioned on the Backupify site. Their technical support team state that all data is encrypted with 256-bit AES before storage with the CEO and Vice President of Security having the authority to decrypt your data. Really, no one should have the ability to decode data as this is an obvious security risk. Overall, Backupify promises a lot but doesn’t deliver. The backups sometimes don’t work at all and restoring data can be a chore. There is certainly room for improvement.

  • Not a big fan of the wordpress backup feature, but Backupify being able to backup tweets and google docs is pretty cool!

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