Barracuda Backup Service is one that offers solutions for those who wish to backup their data onsite, offsite, or both. This means that the level of protection you get from them in regards to your computer’s data is totally up to you.

For those only wanting to backup their files onsite, Barracuda Backup Service offers several compact servers that are capable of storing various amounts of data. Barracuda Backup Service’s line of servers includes:

•    Model 190: Internal capacity of 250 GB with a suggested backup volume of 100 GB.
•    Model 390: RAID Internal capacity of 1 TB with a suggested backup volume of 500 GB.
•    Model 490: RAID Internal capacity of 2 TB with a suggested backup volume of 1 TB.
•    Model 690: RAID Internal capacity of 4 TB with a suggested backup volume of 2 TB.
•    Model 890: RAID Internal capacity of 8 TB with a suggested backup volume of 4 TB.

Of course, the more you can backup, the more you can expect to pay.

A nice feature with these servers is that they are lightweight and compact which will allow you to take your data with you if need be. The drawback is that all your backup data can be lost in a disaster scenario. While fully protected on the server, there is nothing you will be able to do should a disaster such as a fire or flood ruin the server.

Barracuda Backup Service addresses this issue by additionally offering a way to replicate all stored data at their privately owned data center where it will reside on the cloud for maximum protection. Once there, your data is monitored and managed on a 24/7 basis allowing you to be able to relax just a bit knowing your data is being kept safe offsite as well as onsite.

Getting your data replicated for ultimate protection is made easy and Barracuda Backup Service provides there different ways in which to do so. You can choose to have each Barracuda Backup Service server that you or your company uses replicate their data to the cloud one at a time, use a satellite location for replication to the cloud, or you can send data from one Barracuda Backup Service server to multiple Barracuda Backup Service servers. In the end, it is all up to you.

Barracuda Backup Service makes restoring your lost data easy as well. Using the web, FTP, or Windows based software, restoring all your data in a time of emergency is simple and straightforward.

A drawback with the company is that they do not offer a lot of straightforward pricing. Prices will vary by region and by what you are after, but they can be as low as $50 per 100 GB stored, per month. The best thing to do if you are interested in Barracuda Backup Service is to call their toll free number and speak with a customer service representative about all your options. Then you can make the decision that works the best for your particular set of circumstances.

  • A couple of points:

    Barracuda makes their money on their appliances. Look at upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance. They offer a low per GB cost, but make up for it with the appliance cost.

    Also, Barracuda holds the encryption keys. For security-minded customers this could be a real issue as Barracuda will have access to the data. For some this won’t be a concern, but for those with any type of compliance issues, it should be a concern. When looking for a cloud-based backup company find one that can backup your data, but you control the encryption key which prevents the provider from accessing your data.

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