What is Spyware and How Can You Get Rid of it

If you have ever had your home page changed without your permission or been victim of endless pop-up advertisements, then chances are you have been affected by spyware. Spyware is software that installs itself on your computer without permission and then changes things around, advertises like crazy, or starts collecting your personal information.

Spyware is not always something that can be seen as many times it does in fact act like a spy and lurk in the background of your computer collecting information about you. So, you need to be positive that your computer is free of all spyware so your information is kept safe and so your computer will operate at optimal levels.

In many cases, spyware is easily removed when you use your anti-virus software. A lot of the high quality anti-virus software programs that are on the market today come with a tool that seeks out and then destroys spyware so you will therefore be covered in your regular maintenance scans.

However, there are some anti-virus software programs that will not catch spyware and even the best software can miss some. So, you should download and use an anti-spyware program to be certain that your computer is spyware free at all times.

You can choose to either buy an anti-spyware software program of you can utilize one online that is free. Microsoft, for example, offers Microsoft Security Essentials which will help you get rid of any lingering spyware programs for free.

However you go about it, you do want to be sure that your computer stays as spyware free as possible. Not only will spyware make your computer lag in performance and possibly change things around with your settings, but it will also steal your personal information. With identity theft the way it is these days, this is something you just don’t want or need.

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