How Online Backup Uses Encryption to Secure Your Computer Files

Many people will consider using online backup as a way to safeguard against losing their important computer files, but many of these same people ultimately decide that they level of protection they will receive is no better than what they can get with typical media backup, even though online backup offers encryption. More likely, these people don’t understand how encryption works.

The quality online backup services actually double encrypt all of your computer files and what this means is that they code the files in such a way that is would be near impossible for anyone else to view your actual files. Instead, what they would see is a string of scrambled up nonsense that can only be descrambled if they had your user name and password, which of course they won’t.

Say part of a document file you have backed up online reads, “This is a great company to work for because…” What a would-be thief would see is something like this: “KLNA 2 k&599 )(9u09…” only when you log on with your secure user name and password will you see how the actual document reads.

Double encryption is the exact same security measure that all the major banks in the United Sates take when filing their clients’ personal and financial information. So, you can take great comfort knowing your computer files are being tended to as if they were the utmost of top secret documents.

There is simply no reason to think that any media style backup is as safe as online backup. If someone steals your external hard drive for example, they would be able to gain access to all of the files it contains without encountering a single hitch. Instead of ever having to worry about such a scenario playing out with your computer files, have them protected with double encryption using an online backup service.

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