Carbonite vs. Mozy

Cloud storage may be needed for so many reasons when it comes to being online. You may want to keep certain files, folder or additional information in the space. Pictures can also be great to have on cloud storage since they are easier to share between person to person. Online backup services, or storage solutions on the web can be hard to choose between. By considering the differences between each of the available places, you can then decide which is going to fulfill your needs completely by signing up with them.

Both Carbonite and Mozy are long time, trustworthy backup cloud storage service providers. They came about in 2005, and were a lot alike throughout the years until 2011 when Mozy dropped their unlimited service plan that made them stand out from the competition. Now it may be hard to decide which to go with, so looking at each one separately and considering your needs may be the ideal way to go about choosing the backup service.


Carbonite has been around for a while, and while they are not free; they provide a lot of extra services that you wouldn’t be able to get with a free service. You do get a 15 day trial to check out the services they provide. It is available for Windows and Mac computers, and allows file sharing with currents to use between them. They also provide unlimited amounts of space so you can store and back up any and all files that you want using the software.

You have multiple restore options with this software, and can use external drives with local backups right from your home, business or other area. Have web access to the files that you store, and have encryption to keep your files safe and sound. You however, do not have network drives, cannot use multiple computers for the service and you will have 30 days of file archiving available to use.

While some people may need more size, the 4GB file size limit should be enough to provide you with plenty of uploading space. Those that do not have huge demands, do not care to use more than one network or computer on the system and want access to backup scheduling and file syncing can benefit from Carbonite.

With 12 file versions, you’re set to go with everything that they have to provide and much, much more. For around $60 a year, you can benefit from all that Carbonite provides you with. 


Mozy is a paid per month or year service that is available for anyone to use, and it does come with useful features but depending on what you need it for – they might not provide enough. Compatible with Windows and Macs, they allow file sharing between computers and networks so that you’re able to make the most of the storage space that is available. They also allow you to lock files, just like Carbonite allows.

They welcome up to 50GB of space, but you can add an additional 125GB of space if necessary later on down the road. Have the benefit of local backup options from home, business or wherever you are and enjoy the benefits of using an external drive. You can have web access to the storage area, encryption that protects all of the files in your storage area, whether you’re uploading or downloading them and you can use multiple computers to upload the information into when the time comes. With a strong support service, you can contact them if you’re having any problems with the service and what they provide.

While you only pay around $6 a month for Mozy, or $65 a year; it can prove to be one of the best services that you find on the web offering as much as they do. They do offer promotional codes to save additional money on the service if you want to have a bigger discount. Anywhere from 10 to 15% is given to those that wish to save additional cash every year on the service. While Mozy provides a bit more services and additional features, the unlimited space from Carbonite may be ideal depending on how much you need to use.

Difference Between the Two 

While there are not huge differences between the two software options, you have to decide how many features you want since Mozy provides more, and Carbonite provides additional space that you wouldn’t get from Mozy. Each has their benefits, each has their downfalls but when you take each of them separately and compare the options; you can feel better about which you choose to go with, which is going to stand up strong against the competition and provide you with the ideal help that is needed from a back up storage website.

Determine what your needs are, and then consider going from there when it comes to which service may benefit the needs that you have. No one should have to struggle with the choices that are out there. Speaking with the companies themselves, or even going through their websites separately might also put the choice you need to make into perspective a bit easier. By having a back up cloud storage solution platform to use, your storage needs will become much easier to manage.

No matter which you choose to go with, know whatever one you do choose is the right one. You can feel confident about the choice that you make to work with the right company when the time comes. Whatever needs you have are what you should use to determine which company is going to be the best one for you, the best one for the service you’re looking to obtain and the best one that is going to hold and protect your files within their server. You want a company that is dependable, provides the most and does not charge the most. Feel confident with either Mozy or Carbonite since they are both leading back up and cloud storage providers throughout the world on the web.

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