Web Hosting, SEO and Data Management: The Potential Trends for 2014

If you didn’t already know it, technological advancement is continuing to change the world around us at pace.

2014 is set to be another seismic year for technology, as various fields benefit from innovation and carefully planned developments. In particular, we can expect to see significant evolution in web hosting, SEO and data management, with developers increasingly reliant on Cloud technology and businesses driven by a desire to enhance the typical users online experience. So while 2014 will see a continuation of existing trends, it will also herald new innovations and the introduction of brand new technological concepts.

Three Key Trends to Look for 2014

With this in mind, what are the most prominent trends that we should be monitoring in preparation for 2014? Consider the following:

The Impact of Cloud Based Web Hosting on Business Owners

While web hosting can be defined in a succinct and easy to comprehend manner, there are many variations of service available. The most recent industry trends have cultivated the development of Cloud-based web hosting services, which are instantly accessible to clients and capable of managing data from a single, online server. This technology is likely to be streamlined further during 2014, meaning that web hosting services will have the capacity to manage even greater swathes of data while also minimizing the amount of down-time that a website encounters on a daily basis. As will all Cloud-based innovations, this development has the potential to improve consumer relations and optimise business efficiency.

Deep Data Management and Customized Content Delivery

While marketing automation (MA) and customer relations management (CRM) are relatively mature technological concepts, they are now being combined to enable the customization of content delivery. This trend is set to become prevalent in a host of industries during 2014, including events management, real estate and leisure. In essence, the fusion of these concepts streamlines the process of gathering and storing data, while marketing automation specifies the criteria and outcomes for research, CRM software organises this to establish an accurate customer profile. So not only does it ensure that your servers hold relevant customer information, but it also enables you to customise existing marketing strategies as a way of optimizing its use.

SEO and Content Marketing

On the subject of marketing, business owners can expect the boundaries of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to shift even further during 2014. More specifically, content marketing will become a fundamental component of business outreach strategies, as they look to create informative and engaging content that benefits the consumer and helps to establish them as a prominent thought leader. 2014 will also see the relationship between SEO and content marketing become more clearly defined, as businesses begin to understand the differences between the two and the guidelines put into place by Google. Market leading SEO agencies such as e-Marketing Partner will play a significant role in educating clients, by clearly defining their individual services and offering advice on best practice.

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