Top 5 Online Backup Companies to Protect your Computer Files

Whether you’re running a small business, medium-scale enterprise, or a Fortune 500 company, it is important to consider online backup. Critical files can pile up over time and there’s limited ways to store it. In the past, majority stored these files in physical drives. Nowadays though, it is safer, cheaper, and more practical to take advantage of online backup services.

A lot of online backup companies have cropped up in recent years. At the same time, there are also firms that went under. In this article, we’ll give you a short list of online backup companies that have a proven track record. They can help protect your computer files over the long term.

•    Carbonite – simple and affordable: this is the promise of Carbonite backup services. The application backs up and restores your files automatically. One component that makes Carbonite attractive is that it makes no distinction between personal and business usage unlike other services. Another notable aspect is that decryption can only occur in your premises so your data receives better protection.
•    Mozy – together with Carbonite, Mozy is considered as one of the leaders in online backup services. The company offers unlimited data backup services at a competitive rate. Mozy has an excellent reputation and has extensive experience in handling various customer concerns. Their package is most suitable for individuals and firms that require large storage space.
•    SugarSync – designed for personal users and small businesses, the program allow you to backup, share, and sync your files seamlessly. Files and folders are updated regularly. Among its notable features include public sharing capability, runs on laptops and mobile devices, synching software, SSL data encryption, and geo-redundant storage. Their plans start at $4.49/month with 30GB of storage space.
•    iDrive – if you’re looking for high quality backup service, iDrive is it. The firm targets a balanced mix of advanced users and beginners so their system has comprehensive features without being too complicated on your end. iDrive has a great reputation when it comes to customer support which answers your call on the first or second ring. Other notable features include the fast file restore capability, scheduler, versioning and incremental versioning, and SSL data encryption, and geo-redundant storage. They offer a free option that allows for 5GB of storage.
•    SOS Online Backup – considered as a powerful backup service, SOS Online backup takes the “save everything” approach when it comes to backing up your files. The software offers two options when it comes to saving: the background backup or scheduler. When it comes to data security, there is no need to worry as well because the company makes use of SSL2 encryption; it encrypts the data once again on the server.

Before subscribing to any package, be sure to review the company’s website first. Compare the prices, amount of storage offered, level of security, and customer support. Also, take note that there may be occasional special offers so take advantage of these when available.

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