The 3 Limitations of Online Backup Service

Online backup services have been receiving a lot of positive publicity lately. This can be attributed to varying developments in the industry including the rise of cloud computing, the increasing amount of data that are being collected, the general increase in the number of computer users, and even the shift towards eco-friendly storage. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that there are tangible benefits associated with offloading all of your files to a remote server. The space in your office becomes less cluttered and documents can quickly be retrieved.

Amidst all the buzz surrounding online backup services though, a lot of users have failed to look at possible downsides to using the service. There are some online backup service providers that may offer less-than-satisfactory service. It is important to carefully look at the features, guarantees, and technology that is available at each company before signing up to anything. Be careful of the following:

Inadequate bandwidth
Depending on your geographical area, the bandwidth you have may be shared with a large number of users. In situations like these, it may be difficult to get decent online backup service. One option you should consider is a service that provides syncing services. That is, aside from online backup services, your data will also be stored to a local server. The database can be sent to a remote server during off-peak hours.

Data leakage within the company
There are a lot of undeniable concerns over data security once your files are sent to an offsite server. If you sign-up with a reputable online backup provider though, it shouldn’t be a problem because everything will be encrypted. What is more concerning is data leakage within your organization. For example, if you take advantage of a backup service, will everyone within your company freely get access to everything? Setting limits and creating restricted accounts may be crucial.

Large file uploads
The nature of the work that is done by your company should also be considered. The majority would benefit greatly to real-time backup services for their Microsoft Word files and even PDF files because they can access multiple revisions. On the other hand though, if your company is involved in creating multi-media content or is dabbling with 3D, it will take a lot of bandwidth to send these large files to a remote server. Another possible downside is the cost associated with getting such a large amount of storage space offsite.

Overall, getting online backup service is definitely worth it for the majority. The key aspect is to be aware of its possible limitations so you will know what service to get and get the best value for your money.
Online backup has become a necessity for many businesses and individuals. Make it a point to read the service features, the guarantees offered by the provider, and customer reviews. Doing some research provides you with deeper insights whether the particular online backup service is what your company needs. Making the right choice today is beneficial over the long term.

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