Online Backup For The Home

You can be forgiven for forgetting the importance of online backup for the home. After all, if the computer is only used for leisure, thoughts don’t generally turn towards catastrophes. However, computers get attacked every day by viruses and Trojans which can obliterate everything you saved on the computer. If you have children, there is the possibility they will spill something on the computer or cause it to crash to the floor. Even when damage doesn’t occur, a computer’s hard drive will eventually die. This will see the loss of personal data as well as any precious family photos and videos you have saved.

Points To Consider
With online backup, you will be utilizing the services of a specialist company that first encrypts your data before backing it up. Before choosing an online backup service, bear in mind that some of these companies have a propensity to suddenly change their terms and conditions once you have signed. Mozy, one of the most popular backup services, did so recently and caused outrage. There is also the possibility of your backup provider closing down. This fate befell AOL’s X Drive in 2008 with HP Upline forced to close down the following year.

If you decide to secure your data with online backup, perform the procedure before going to bed. This is because it usually takes several hours to complete. Be sure that the service you choose is a good one because switching companies is an exercise in tedium. Carefully read over the terms and conditions because some organizations are notorious for advertising unlimited storage with restrictions in small print. This may include a dramatic slowdown in the transfer rate of data once a certain limit is passed.

Terms And Conditions
Although online backup companies are not perfect, they do provide a really important service. Backing up your information is necessary for the aforementioned reasons. To find out how much you need to backup, go to your computer’s properties file to see your files’ status. You should also find out how many home computers you have that need backing up as some companies charge per computer. There are a host of services such as Norton, Nomadesk and CrashPlan that offer free trials. However, once these expire, you will have to purchase one of their plans that costs anywhere from $50 to $100 per year. Be aware of storage limits. For example, IDrive have a limit of 150GB for $49.50 a year. In contrast, Jungle Disk charge $90 a year but allow unlimited storage space.

It is important to know how much data you plan to backup and whether or not you will need extra space in the near future. Online backup should not be seen as a luxury because it is, in actual fact, a necessity. Computers can perform amazing tasks but they are still quite fragile. All it takes is a simple accident to completely wipe out your precious files which may not be retrievable. Even $100 a year is a small price to pay for online backup which guarantees your files will remain safe even if your computer has an accident.

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