VaultLogix Review

Every year businesses lose valuable data such as documents and other files to a whole host of computer or network problems and a wise business will have a backup service with a company such as VaultLogix in place. VaultLogix is a backup company that caters strictly to the business class and they use the most advanced backup technology available to ensure that a business’ data is always retrievable in a worst case scenario come true.

While there are many different online backup companies that are out now with more that seem to be cropping up by the year, there are few that offer the service and reliability to go along with the experience that VaultLogix has. VaultLogix has been servicing business clients since 1996 and their efforts have earned them thousands of clients and they have preformed millions of successful date restores.

Most businesses have some form of date backup in place but VaultLogix is typically a cut above the rest and offers more in the way of:

• Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have various regulations that must be maintained. VaultLogix can actually help you understand what type of compliance you may need and their expertise and experience with compliance spans HIPPA, SEC, NYSE, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley, IRS, Graham Leach Bliley, Payment Card Industry, and more. Being in full compliance can be crucial and knowing that your data backup provider is expert in that area is a welcomed feeling.
• Reporting: VaultLogix offers several different reports to show what is being backed up and how effective the process is. This four-tiered level of reporting will keep you informed as to what is going on at all times.
• Backup Speed: Many of the smaller backup companies will restrict your backup speed meaning it may take a long time to backup a little bit of data. This can lead to a slower speed on your computer and one big frustration for you. VaultLogix does not restrict the upload speed of data that is being backed up and offers some of the fastest backup times in the industry.
• Availability: Face it, when your data is lost, you want it back immediately. With VaultLogix you can restore your data 24/7 every day of the year. This lets you rest easy knowing that emergency backup is always available to you.
• Help: With VaultLogix you will actually have an account manager assigned to you. This account manager will be at your beckon call to help you with anything that you need. This saves time over simply calling into a call center where random employees take a stab at assisting you as a dedicated account manager will be attuned to your situations at all times.
• Value: VaultLogix offers outstanding features and flexible pricing. Their pricing is some of the most affordable in the industry and the best part is that if you use them less, you pay less.

With so much that can happen to your business’ data these days it is insane to not have it backed up. Thanks to companies such as VaultLogix, having all of your company’s data stored and ready to be restored at a moment’s notice will allow you to rest easy and get back to what is most important; adding to the bottom line of your company.

Post your review of VaultLogix online backup service here. Please elaborate and say specifically what you like or don’t like about online backup. The intent of your review is to help undecided customers decide if Vaultlogix is right for them.

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