Storagepipe Review

StoragePipe is an online data backup and security service that has been around for a long time in comparison to many of its competitors.  One of things that makes this company unique is that they started out targeting larger companies rather than small businesses and personal accounts.  Over the past few years, they have expanded their services so that they can now handle anything that you throw at them.  However, StoragePipe still might not be for everyone.  Here is a quick review of StoragePipe and the services that they are offering.

One of the things that makes StoragePipe unique is the impressive client list that they have accumulated over the last decade.  Some of their clients include Adida-Salomon, Investment Planning Counsel, Centrecorp, and many others.  The goal of StoragePipe is to provide a centralized and secure off-site data backup solution that offers easy recovery when needed.

StoragePipe Services

1.    Online Backup and Recovery Service
The online backup and recovery service is the most well known product that they supply.  It is their complete data protection solution that allows you to connect to your data through the internet or direct connections.  Some of the more prominent features include:

  • Progressive Incremental Backups – These backups will only back up files which are new or have been altered in order to use a minimum amount of your systems resources
  • Bare Metal Restore – You can restore your entire operating system as well as applications for Windows, Sun, Linux, and AIX machines.
  • Disaster Recovery Manager – This features creates a disaster recovery plan and tracks off-site data.  It provides you with automated scripts to take care the entire data recovery process for you.

2.    Electronic Archiving Service
The electronic archiving services is designed to provide you with an automated, policy-based answer.  It will remove old and inactive data away from production equipment and from your normal data backup activity.  This solution is designed for people and businesses who need to store data for an extended period of time (potentially forever).  The biggest reason that this service is used by businesses is to meet regulatory specifications.

3.    Email Archiving Service
This service is very similar to the electronic archiving service, however it is focused entirely on emails  This service is primarily designed for businesses who want or need to keep copies of any inter-office emails for policy reasons.

4.    Business Continuity Service
This service is designed to ensure that your data is always available.  It essentially creates multiple copies of every file that you backup and stores them in multiple locations.  This ensures that no matter what happens to a certain file or data center, there are still exact copies of the data available for you to access.

While they are starting to offer personal solutions, a review of StoragePipe, especially the services listed on their website indicates that they are still primarily designed for small and large businesses.  If there is one thing that make StoragePipe stand out it is quality of service that they provide on a consistent basis.  They have created a very strong track record over the last decade and as they continue to dive into the personal data storage market, there is a good chance that they become more of a household name.

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