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SOS online backup is much like any other online backup service is that you can protect your files from being lost forever should something happen to your computer, but SOS online backup goes about their process a bit differently. With many online backup services you only have the ability to backup one computer per account, but with SOS you can backup up to five computers on the same account for personal and even more for business accounts.

SOS allows you the freedom to be able to access your files no matter where you may be in the world so long as you have a computer and an internet connection. This is allowed because your files are all stored on SOS’s cloud network.

You can also share as many files as you like with whoever you like when you use SOS online backup. All you need is an e-mail address and you are then able to share even the largest of files that may otherwise be bounced back if you tried to e-mail them in the traditional sense.

SOS Backup also has an interface that seems to be very user friendly. With SoSimple backup, you can easily tell SOS what types of files need to be automatically backed up. This allows you to select the types of files you want backed up, such as Word docs, photos, and the like, as well as designate specific files to be backed up. You can also view one of the many video tutorials that they offer and see for yourself just how easy their system is to implement.

While SOS does allow you to share one account with up to five computers, it should be noted that the amount of backup you are able to carry out is capped at 50GB. Still, that is a lot of files that can be backed up for a low price, which starts out at only $3.74 per month.

Another unique feature that SOS offers is the ability to access your files with certain mobile handheld devices. If you have a Blackberry or an iPhone you can use the SOS App to access your files no matter where you are. This handy feature allows you complete mobility without having to bring your laptop with you everywhere you go.

SOS allows you to try out their services before you commit to buying them. You can take advantage of a 14-day free trail that will give you full access to SOS online backup services. Once you test out the system for a couple of weeks, you can then decide if you want keep it and start paying for it.

Probably the best feature about SOS online backup is the fact that they have a toll free number you can call should you encounter problems anywhere along the way. They also offer e-mail support, but you will then have to wait just a bit to get the answers you are seeking. However you go about it, it is comforting to know that help appears to be readily available.

SOS Backup User Reviews

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  • I’ve used SOS Online Backup for a year now. They’re the best in the industry. I’ve tried a lot of services including mozy and carbonite, but if you are looking for a full fledged online backup system, you should go for SOS. And the best thing they allow backing up multiple computers on a single account. I’ve 2 laptops and 2 desktops, so I need not pay individual licenses with SOS. Being an accountant I am also able to see different versions of files that i created over time. So auditing my own work becomes much easier.

    80 days

  • I had problems downloading files over 1GB. I had problems deleting files in my account. Their customer service is only in India and is terrible. Please stay away from this place.

  • SOS double charged my account when I signed up. I didn’t like the software and contacted them to cancel within the trial period. They did not cancel my account and did not credit the double charges. Contacted them again, several times via phone and email and they don’t seem to understand that they double charged me for the service. I still don’t have my credits and will have to contact my credit card company and try to dispute the charges. The appear to be unable to understand a problem when you contact them on the phone and don’t seem to understand English or the concept of overcharging and then crediting when a customer cancels. I asked to speak to the billing department and their “Peggy” said that department doesn’t have a phone (oh come ON now). I switched to Mozy and love it…quick, efficient, easy to use, and correct on their charges. STAY AWAY FROM SOS…I’m not sure if they are dishonest or just dumb…time will tell.

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