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SafeCopy Backup provides an online data backup solution that brings a unique approach to the entire process.  While the fundamentals seem relatively similar to other popular data backup solutions, the pricing model sets it apart.  With so many different online backup solutions available, it can be difficult deciding which one is right for you.  This review of SafeCopy Backup will show you exactly what they offer as well as the important features to keep in mind.

The pricing model that SafeCopy Backup uses is definitely what first sets it apart.  Most of the other popular companies charge per computer, whereas SafeCopy Backup charges based upon space.  They offer a free account (no credit card needed) that will hold up to 3GB of data.  While this isn’t going to be enough to backup your entire computer, it is a great way to test out what they have to offer.  They also offer a 200GB ($50.00) and 300GB ($70.00) plan which is paid on a yearly basis.  Here is a closer look at what to expect from SafeCopy Backup.


1.    Multiple Computers
The biggest benefit of using SafeCopy Backup is that you can backup all of your computers will a single account.  Additionally, because your account is based upon the space that you use, you can also backup USB drives, network drives, flash drives, and much more.  This added versatility proves to be especially beneficial to families, small businesses, and people who have multiple computer systems or networks.

2.    Speed
Compared to many of the other popular options, SafeCopy Backup offers some of the fastest backups on the market.  This is especially important for your first backup because it can take a long time depending on how much bandwidth you are allowed to use.  Plus, installing and setting up the software doesn’t take more than a few clicks.

3.    Access and Sharing
Another huge benefit is that you can access your account from your computer, mobile phone, and much more.  To make browsing easier, you can look through thumbnails of your files to find the right ones.  This is especially important if your backing up a lot of photos or graphics.


1.    Restoring
It doesn’t matter how great a backup service is if you can’t restore files when you need them.  The issue with SafeCopy Backup isn’t that they don’t allow you to restore your files, it is just that the software is a little more complicated than some others on the market.  Plus, navigating through your folders can sometimes be a little slow.

Overall, SafeCopy Backup offers a data backup solution that is among the best in the business.  With the added edge that the unique pricing model offers, it is no surprise that more people are giving them a try.  They offer a number of benefits including using a single account for multiple devices, fast file transfer speeds, and simple access and sharing.  Remember, if you aren’t sure about whether or not this is the right service for your needs, you can always do your own review of SafeCopy Backup by setting a 3GB free account to give a test drive.

  • I signed up for this service and the process was very easy. 3G free – that’s a good deal. Haven’t gone through the restoration process, but I really like the website and process for backing up.

  • This backup system is just so cool.I’m currently using the 3GB trial and hoping to upgrade to the paid account.The setup does not take more than 2minutes and everything about it is ok for me.

  • I think am one of the biggest funs of Safecopy. I switched from Mozy and never looked back to-date. Everything seems to work out smoothly for me than it was with the leading competitor. Keep up the good work!

  • I have been using the paid version of Safecopy for several months now. It seems to be working okay for me. I selected SafeCopy because it allowed me to backup my network drive, with the others that I looked at did not. I have some large 25MB files that take some time to backup – it is not instant, but, remember it is in background. I don’t seem to feel any performance degrade. I have not had to restore any files, but I have tested a few. Yes the interface is clunky. Hopfully they can fix that. At one point, I contacted their technical support because I was unable to backup due to a probem with their server. I was told about the server problem, and their plan to fix it, which they did. That was several months ago, and I have had no other problems since.
    A couple of issues that they need to fix: 1. When you hover over the icon on the task bar (windows 7) it always says “Safecopy Installing Backup” even though it is installed and running. 2. The iPhone app is just a marketing gimmick. There isn’t any functional working code. I keep hoping that they will put some effort into it, but so far nothing. They should pull the app from the store until the get something that is actually functional.

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