Norton Online Backup Review

Your computer files are very important – and possibly in danger. A sudden storm, fire, theft or other unforeseen circumstance can wipe out your computer’s hard drive in a split second. If you do not have an online backup for your computer, you could loose everything that is important to you. Norton Online Backup system backs up those important files, so you are guaranteed they will be safe and accessible to you when you need them.

Norton Online Backup does not give you any options as far as plan packages. Norton Online Backup is currently offering a one year subscription for $24.99, which is a 50% discount, which gives you online backup of up to 5 computers. This plan is usually $49.99 for the year and gives you 25GB of storage space for up to 5 computers. This is certainly a large amount of storage space, however if you need additional storage, you can purchase it if you need it at any time during your subscription. There are no limits for uploading. The subscription is a yearly subscription; there are no month to month plans.

Norton Online Backup is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows. There is software to install, which is easy enough to do. Once you are set up with Norton Online Backup, set your scheduled backups and it will automatically back up your files. You can simply set it and forget it. Norton Online Backup Service has an extremely user friendly interface. There isn’t a big learning curve to worry about. Your files are encrypted and stored with government grade encryption. If you should suffer any data loss, or the loss of your entire hard drive, you can access your files anywhere that you have access to the web. You can also access your files with your iPhone, which is a very important feature since we have become so mobile.

One important feature that Norton lacks is file syncing. Norton waits until the next scheduled backup before backing up the files. Norton Online Backup is a stable online backup service. There are not too many frills to it, but it does the job it is meant to do and that is back up your computer files, and stores them. If you are looking for the simplicity and a straight forward online backup service, Norton Backup is a service you should look at.

There is a free trial, so you are able to try it before you buy it. Customer support is offered via online chat, email or phone support so you should have adequate customer support with your subscription.

Don’t make a mistake and wait too long to protect your computer files. Protect your valuable computer files now before any unforeseen accident occurs causing you to lose you pictures, email and financial documents. With so much of our lives stored on our computers, everyone should have their files backed up with an online backup service. Norton Online Backup is an acceptable option to consider when looking into online backup services.

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