Myotherdrive Review

When it comes to finding an online storage company that you can count on, it has been difficult lately. Over the last few years a lot of companies have tries to join the fray and even more have left it behind. Through all of this MyOtherDrive has become a prominent fixture on the landscape. They have proven to provide excellent value for their products and seem to have found their niche within the online storage industry. Here is a quick MyOtherDrive review to help you decide if they would be a good fit for your needs.

MyOtherDrive Overview

Sticking with what has become the industry norm, MyOtherDrive offers 2GB of free storage. Free accounts can be used by individuals with minimal needs and is also a great way to give MyOtherDrive a trial before you upgrade to a larger account. It is important to note that there are some features that are not available with the free account, such as file encryption. However the basic paid account is only $4.99 per month. It is also important to point out that this is definitely an online storage company and not a backup company. This means that you may be missing some of the features if your goal is more backup-focused


There are a number of features that highlight what MyOtherDrive has to offer:

• Drag and Drop Upload
This feature is particularly useful for people who are not very technologically savvy but still need an online repository for their data and photos. You can use the drag and drop interface the same way that you would when using Windows Explorer.

• Import From Other Services
One of the most unique features that MyOtherDrive has is that you can actually import your data, files, and photos directly from their competition. They have a long list of competing services that fall into this category. This means that if you are switching from one company to theirs, then you can directly transfer the files without ever needing access to your primary computer.

• Linking and Sharing
There are three different options that you can use to share or link to files that you have stored. The first is to mark a folder publicly viewable, which means that anyone who gets a link to that folder can view it. This is particularly useful if you plan on sharing your photos with family and friends. Another option is direct linking which has proven to be particularly useful for Ebay sellers who need a place to host their product photos. Finally, you can also create a protected link. This is best for situations where you only want one or two people to be able to use the link. When accessing the link, the user will need to enter their username and password This gives you maximum control over who gets access to your data.

In the end MyOtherDrive offers exactly what it says it does. It is not a service that is focused solely on backups, but rather appeals to a broader group of people who simply need a place to upload folders and photos online. While you can still use MyOtherDrive as your primary computer backup solution, it tends to provide a more generalized service.

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