Your business computer will contain any number of files and data, all of which are more than likely important to you and you job so it is important that you find an online backup company to use such as KeepItSafe to backup all your files and data for safekeeping. KeepItSafe will protect your files for you and unlike many other online backup companies KeepItSafe is a global ISO Certified Company. In simpler terms, they are a fully managed online backup service that is fully monitored for your business’ peace of mind.

What is unique about KeepItSafe is that they don’t just back up your files once, but they actually back them up twice. Any time you have data from your business computer or your business’ server that needs to be backed up it is sent to KeepItSafe’s remote storage vault. It is then sent to another remote vault for double backup protection. This all but guarantees that your files will be able to be accessed should something ever go wrong no matter what and no matter when.

Any time data is being sent to either of the vaults that KeepItSafe uses for online backup, the data is first encrypted and then sent on a secure internet line. It is then stored encrypted in the vaults and this means that if someone were to break in and access you files, they would only be left with files that are jumbled up and of no use to them. The only person who can unencrypt your files is you.

Both of KeepItSafe’s vaults are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those monitoring use sophisticated systems to do so and are all certified engineers trained to keep your files safe and sound.

Once you perform an initial backup using KeepItSafe, your files are then constantly being backed up. Even the smallest of changes is caught and backed up by KeepItSafe. The best part is, you don’t have to set anything up or remember to manually do anything as the system will run in the background and you will hardly know it is there.

KeepItSafe has a toll free phone number that can be called if there are ever any problems. According to the company, the nature of the business is sometimes a missed or failed backup. However, if anything like that happens, they have a team of professionals on standby ready to help.

KeepItSafe boasts many of the largest names in business as clients and some of their client roster includes Weight Watchers Ireland, RE/Max, and Tucks. You can see a more complete list of all their big clients as well as some testimonials directly at their website. Of course, it is always a good idea to read some independent testimonials as well which can be found with a quick online search.

Keeping your business files and data safe can be a time consuming event. However, thanks to online backup companies like KeepItSafe, you can now put data backup for your business on autopilot.

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