Keepit Review

There are many online backup providers that offers complicated backup and storage features that can confuse, intimidate, and daunt new users. These services are also usually unaffordable to most people. If you just want a hassle-free, bare-bones approach to online backup, then KeepIt may be the right solution for you. It offers unlimited backup, easy navigation, and competitive prices.

Overview of KeepIt Backup Program
Users just need to install the KeepIt software, choose folders, and enter the necessary details. Start by creating an account with the company. You’ll need to provide your name, email, and password. Then you need to download and install the program to your desktop. The program will guide you through the process and within just a few minutes, it will be ready to go. There aren’t a lot of steps or hassles involved in using KeepIt. The backup and restore process is easy to comprehend. It’s a service that’s recommended to individuals who shy away from complex applications.

How Does KeepIt Work?
Once you have installed KeepIt on your computer, click on the Launch Program button to get started. You’ll notice three main tabs on the screen including Status, Settings, and Restore. Initially, you’ll have to go to the Settings tab to select which folders you want to be backed up. Common folders include Desktop, Favorites, Documents, and Pictures among others which are set by default.
To back up additional files, the Advanced Folder Selection lets you browse through your local drive manually. Meanwhile, the Status tab lets you see the progress of uploads, restore, or downloads. It will also give you an estimated remaining time for the process to complete.

Performance and Security
Initial backups always take a considerable amount of time because of the volume that has to be uploaded that first time. KeepIt performs better than most in this aspect. It can quickly backup hundreds of MBs in thirty minutes or less. This performance keeps up with the best in the industry but is available at a fraction of the cost.

KeepIt uses a special technology to compress data securely. This saves a lot of bandwidth and contributes to its speedy performance. If the upload is interrupted, there’s no need to worry either. The files are safe and KeepIt will resume the backup once your internet connection is reestablished. With regards to security, the software uses the 256-bit encryption technology. Security is an important factor for the company. Aside from data protection while in transit and storage, they also have physical security measures in place.

Does KeepIt Have Disadvantages?
KeepIt is marketed as a bare-bones online backup solution. In this regard, the features it offers are actually quite limited compared to other providers. For example, the program cannot conduct real-time backup and there is no remote access available for the files. If you’re like most regular internet users though, you might not even notice these limitations. Just set the time, date, and frequency of backup according to your needs. The data will be backed up securely and can be retrieved at any time.

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