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Intronis online backup was created to help you be able to protect all of your important files and documents with an easy to use and implement system. The goal of the company is to safeguard all of your files and have them securely stored in case disaster strikes and you need to quickly retrieve them.

Like many other online backup services, Intronis backup encrypts your files so that anyone besides you who actually can break into your files is left with nothing but jibber-jabber. However, a key difference with Intronis online backup is that they go beyond just 128-bit encryption, which is typical of many other online backup services and even online banking, and offers its customers 256-bit encryption. According to the company, this is the same level of protection that the military enjoys.

With this layer of protection, no one but you, or someone who has your user name and key code, can access you files. Additionally, your files are encrypted while in storage and while they are on their way to and from storage. This means that there is no point at which your files are left unprotected while Intronis handles them.

If at any point you need to access you files, all you need is a computer that has an online connection and you are set to get your files. With just a few clicks of the mouse and your user name and key code, you can access your files day or night, 365 days a year.

Intronis’ interactive tools allow you to monitor and track what has been backed up and they also allow you to choose what you want to be backed up. You can choose to back up all of your files, only your work files, or only your personal files. Once you designate what is to be backed up, Intronis will continuously backup any changes that may occur.

Intronis has a number of streaming testimonials that reside right on the front page of their website. This allows you the opportunity to see what actual customers are saying about the service. Of course, keep in mind that these are all glowing testimonials so you should be sure to seek other independent testimonials online as well while conducting your due diligence.

Getting in touch with Intronis can be done in two easy ways. The first is to chat directly with one of their backup consultants on their website and the second method is with a good old fashioned toll free number. The only drawback with their communications is that their toll free number is only manned from 9am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Intronis also offers a free trial of their backup software. To take advantage of their offer, you simply go to their website and follow the prompts. This allows you to try before you buy and best of all, they do not require you to give them a credit card in order to participate in the free trial. Should you then decide that the software is for you, you can then call their toll free number and receive a free consultation where you can discuss your particular backup needs with one of their backup consultants.

Intronis User Reviews

Post your review of Intronis online backup service here. Please elaborate and say specifically what you like or don’t like about Intronis online backup. The intent of your review is to help undecided customers decide if Intronis is right for them.

  • I would not recommend their product. I have used it and it failed miserably. I used a tape as a primary means of backup and esureIT as a backup to that. When I had a tape fail I tried to restore with thier backup. Unfortunately for me, the restore did not happen. I had a horrible experience with their customer service and the issue was never resolved. I was paying them over $300 a month for 100GB’s of backup which didn’t even work.

    In the end, I had to send my tapes away to get the data off of them which cost me an additional $1200.

    Stay away from Intronis, you will get burned.

  • I use Intronis and think they’re a very good value for money. Just be sure to pay attention to your contract details. You can always modify it to increase or decrease your storage needs. Intronis is a little more expensive than ither online backup providers, but the service is high quality. Remember you always get what you pay for.

  • Intronis is fine until you need tech support or try to leave… As a reseller I found it easy to set up accounts and get the ball rolling. Heaven help you if you need knowledgeable tech support though. Find a better product? Canceling your reseller account is a nightmare. I had to dispute the charge on my credit card to get there attention. Beware!

  • Tools are easy to use, price is too high. Was told by sales to expect 20% overhead for Exchange Infostore backups and it turned out to be nearly 100%! Perfectly normal according to their tech support. Nice for them I guess at .80/gb but not so nice for my customer. Never trust a salesman!

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