Instantcomputerbackup.com is an online backup service that gives 10 main reasons (on their web site) that they should be chosen as a backup provider. The first reason that they provide is 100% automated backups. The software will recognize when there has been a change made to your files, and will automatically back them up. The second reason is an encryption system that ensures that no one but the user will have access to any uploaded files. This is a really important feature in any backup system. The third reason Instant Computer Backup states is the option of unlimited data storage, which is understandably important for anyone who has a great deal of files to store.

Other Advantages

*Low Price: Instant Computer Backup Home costs only $4.95 a month, and the Unlimited edition costs only $9.95/month. The Home Plan offers 10GB of space.
*Notification of failed backups: Should a failed backup occur, the user will be able to see a red x and run the files through again
*The ability to back up mapped USB/external drives
*Unlimited bandwidth: Your files upload based on the capacity of your compouter
*Credit cards are secure: ICB only stores the last 4 digits of credit cards
*24/7 Live Tech Support: This is an especially nice feature that ensures customers will have constant help should their files not upload properly or if there is a question regarding the service that hasn’t been previously addressed in FAQs
*Ease of Use: ICB is easy for anyone to use regardless of skill. They provide video tutorials, as well as a setup wizard to help customers along the way
*Access files from Anywhere: You can be on any computer and have access to your files
*Compatibility: This program will work with PCs AND Macs (It supports Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6)
*Easy file restoration


There are not enough reviews of this service around to determine the true quality and validity of Instant Computer Backup’s service, but it will be interesting to see what unbiased customer reviews spring up and what they have to say. Also, the free 14 day trial version DOES have limited bandwidth for file uploading. It would be nice to see ICB’s claim of unlimited bandwidth in action without having to purchase the full product.

Instant Computer Backup in Review

Intstant Computer Backup seems like a great means of backing up data. It’s low, affordable price is ideal for anyone who wishes to have a good backup system. Unfortunately, reliability can’t be properly judged as there haven’t been enough evaluations of the product, but it appears to be a great product for the price. 10GB isn’t that much space, so it would probably be wise to purchase the Unlimited edition if you have a lot of music files or big data files that require backing up.

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