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Egnyte features a combination of services that is designed to not only make using it easier, but also to allow people save money and time. It is designed to allow online storage, fast local access, file sharing, and backup abilities with a centralized administration It even allows mobile access. There are a variety of features that need to be considered when looking at Egnyte because it is designed to allow business owner to so much in one framework. Here is a quick look at the pricing options as well as the different features that Egnyte provides.


For professionals and small businesses there are 3 different pricing packages. They are designed for businesses with up to 50 users. If you need more than 50 users to have access to the account then you must get a custom quote. The 3 packages are Pro, Group, and Office. The big differences, aside from price, is the amount of users, online storage amount, and automatic backup licenses.

The Pro package is $14.99 per month and allows for 1 power user (desktop and web access), 20 standard users (web only access), 20GB of storage, and 2 automatic backup licenses (each power user can backup two computers). The Group package is $29.99 per month and allows 5 power users, 100 standard users, 150 GB or storage, and 10 automatic backup licenses. The Office package is $44.99 per month and features 10 power users, 250 standard users, 1TB of storage, and 20 automatic backup licenses. If you opt to pay annually instead of monthly, there is a 33% discount available.


1. Online File Storage
• Mobile and Web Access – you can use either a normal web browser or a mobile smart phone web browser to access all documents with no additional applications or downloads.
• Folders and Files – You can create unlimited folders, arrange them any way you like, and assign the permissions of each folder. Additionally, you can store files of any size and use a drag and drop editor to manage everything.

2. File Sharing/Transfer
• Automatic File Versioning – Egnyte will automatically version every file as it changes. Additionally, files will never be overwritten, which will allow you to track any and all changes.
• Simultaneous Sharing – You can create different levels of folder permissions to ensure that multiple parties can work together from a central location.
• Link Sharing – For large files, you can opt to share via a link instead of an attachment. You can not only create the link, but also control how long the link is active and even be notified every time the files have been downloaded.
• Security Controls – You can share files publicly or set the access level so that only authorized employees or business partners can access it.

3. Backup Services
• Scheduled or Continuous – You can either set up your computer to be backed up at certain times or continually backup what you are doing in real time.
• Folder Restoration – If you accidentally delete a file or folder, the automatic file versioning will allow you to access on older version to recreate it.

There are a variety of other features include local cloud offline access, an easy to use user management system, a variety of privacy controls, custom branding, and of course the highest levels of security both during storage and during transfer.

Egnyte User Reviews

Post your review of Egnyte online backup service here. Please elaborate and say specifically what you like or don’t like about Egnyte online backup. The intent of your review is to help undecided customers decide if Egnyte is right for them.

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  • I own a small business with a handful of employees and i needed a reliable, intuitive backup solution that also allowed the group to easily share large files. Egnyte matched my needs very well and was more affordable than I was expecting. It really is a great service.

  • I’ve got a small business and can’t afford most enterprise class storage and backup solutions. I went with egnyte about a year ago and it is great. The company seems to have thought of everything. The service is very high quality and professional. My worries over data loss have been very nearly eliminated.

  • Very cool! I tried the egnyte web demo and signed my company up. It makes sharing, collaborating and backup very easy for my office.

  • While egnyte is a great file sharing solution it lacks the security of more robust hybrid backup solutions with utilizes 448-bit encryption to protect stored data and does not provide hardware failure protection like I2Qirongrid


  • I like the free iPad app that comes with an egnyte subscription. I use it to access business files when out of the office.

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