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With so many online backup providers to choose from, it can be challenging to select the right company for you needs. For many, it might be tempting to just opt for any backup company out there that “seems” to offer reasonable service. Some go for the well-trodden path of selecting the one of the more popular online backup provider. But the question is, “Are you really getting good value for your money?”

Established companies tend to charge significantly higher than their counterparts for the same service. If you want to get the benefits of having online backup for your files minus the large cost, then consider using the services of Constant Vault. This article attempts to give readers a more in-depth idea of what they can expect about this service:

What is Constant Vault? offers online backup service that is secure and automatic. It runs at the background of your computer and safely backs up important files on a secure data center. In case your files are lost or damaged, you can easily retrieve them from the remote location.

In addition, unlike other providers that only offer to protect one computer, Constant Vault lets you use their service on all your computers. So for people who have a home computer, office computer, and a laptop, subscribing to this service lets you save a significant amount of money.

Storage Space
Now, for many people, this is the bulk of the issue. Storage, after all, is mainly what you’re paying for when you subscribe to an online backup service. Most providers charge you on a per gigabyte basis and this can add up over the years. Constant Vault is not a company that counts and charges you for every byte you store on their system. That’s right, they offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Constant Vault is the ultimate solution for heavy computer users who save large amounts of data every single day.

Constant Vault takes user security very seriously. The company has been around since 2008 and is trusted by more than 500,000 users all over the world. When you subscribe to their service, all your data is encrypted and stored in redundant data centers.
Another benefit of using this service is that up to 30 versions of your files can be stored in their facility. Take note that majority of backup providers only keep the most updated version of your file. So if an important document has been inadvertently changed, you can recover it quickly with no hassles.

If you want to try out their service prior to subscribing, the company offers a 30-day trial. There’s no need to provide your credit card details to try out the service.

Overall, Constant Vault is worth checking out especially if you require backup for large amounts of data. The company charges a very reasonable amount for its service when you consider the storage space, security, and other features you can expect in return. There are certainly a lot of reasons to choose this company as your online backup provider.

  • This is the stupidest backup service I’ve eve used. The backup may be OK, but their interface is not intuitive at all. Use some other service.

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