Acronis Review

Chances are that you have many personal and business files on your computer that you simply can’t afford to ever lose and thanks to companies like Acronis Online Backup, there is never any need to have to worry about that. With Acronis Online Backup, all of your files are kept safe and sound and should anything ever happen to your computer your files can be retrieved in a flash.

Once you have installed Acronis Online Backup on your computer backup is a matter of a few minutes away. Then the file saving is done automatically leaving you with great protection against the unknown.

One of the great features with Acronis online Backup is that you do not have to carry your laptop with you on your travels if you do not wish to do so. That’s because Acronis Online Backup allows you to quickly and easily access any or all of your files no matter where you may roam. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can log into your secure account and retrieve the files you need.

Acronis Online Backup offers probably the safest level of protection for your files. They use the exact same data encryption techniques that the government uses, meaning, nobody but you will be able to access your files. Even if someone could get past Acronis’ defenses they would only be able to get to a bunch of mumbo jumbo as the encryption cannot be descrambled without your personal user name and password.

Another wonderful feature with Acronis Online Backup is that they will allow you to include up to five computers for backup on the same account. This is practically unheard of in the online backup industry and helps you to keep your backup costs low.

If there is a drawback to Acronis Online Backup it is that they do cap the amount of data that you can store with them. However, the cap is 250 GB, which is a lot of data and files that can be safely stored.

Acronis Online Backup is very reasonably priced and you can get full protection with them for only $4.95 per month. The company also allows you to save money if you pay for an entire year up front. If you pay in advance, the cost for a full year is only $49.95, which is pretty cheap for total peace of mind.

You can also try Acronis Online Backup for free by registering for a free account. Once you are registered you can backup up to 2 GB of data with them for free. This will allow you the opportunity to test the waters and see if you want to pay for the full version or not.

With companies like Acronis Online Backup, there is no reason to take chances with your computer’s files. The files that you may have spent years to accumulate can be wiped out in seconds and if you are not protected, then you are simply out of luck. With a free trial and prices that are very affordable, you may want to give Acronis Online Backup a try and see how their services fit your needs.

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