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Mozy is fast becoming one of the leading names in online backup and just like many other online backup companies, they offer both a home version and a business version called Mozy Pro. Their business is indeed similar in many ways to their home version, yet it is far superior in other ways and is designed specifically for business owners.

According to their website, Mozy Pro is already being used by over 70,000 businesses. What makes Mozy Pro intriguing is that it is designed to protect a small company as well as it would a large company.

Mozy Pro offers security that is hard to crack. All the files that you backup with Mozy Pro will be backed up using military grade encryption. What this means for you is absolute peace of mind. If a hacker were lucky enough to be able to get into the storage sites of Mozy, they would only be able to come away with a mess of letters and/or numbers as the military grade encryption would have all your data well scrambled up. The only way to unscramble everything is to have your personal user name and password.

Mozy Pro is a pay as you go service so you never have to be locked into a long-term contract with the company. Mozy offers two different plans for Mozy Pro, broken down as follows:

•    Desktop License: For each desktop you are backing up with your company, you will pay $3.95 per month plus $0.50 per GB per month.
•    Server License: For each server you are backing up with your company you will pay $6.95 per month plus $0.50 per GB per month.

Again, these plans are pay as you go and they allow you to decide what level of protection is best for your company.

Mozy is owned by EMC, which is the largest provider of data storage platforms in the world. So, you not only get a service that is said to be great, you are getting name recognition behind the scenes.

Backups with Mozy Pro are extremely easy. Once you conduct your initial backup you can choose to have your backups happen at specific dates or you can let Mozy Pro do the work for you. If you choose, Mozy Pro will automatically backup your files without you having to remember to do a thing. This includes backups for all your SLQ and Exchange environments.

Restoration is made easy as well. Mozy Pro work with you if disaster strikes and allows you to restore your lost data on a 24/7 basis in just a few short steps. This is extremely important as timely retrieval of your business’ data can mean the difference of keeping to doors open or shutting down for good.

A welcomed feature with Mozy Pro is the ability to get a hold of someone should something ever go wrong. Mozy provides a toll free support line and also features live chat on their website. In this way you can be sure that help is always there if ever you need it.

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