CrashPlan Pro

CrashPlan Pro is the latest offering from the world of back up data. It should not be confused with its predecessor, CrashPlan, which was aimed solely at consumers at home. CrashPlan Pro is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who are desperate to keep their data safe in the event of an accident. CrashPlan Pro’s creators claim that you can start backing up your important data in under 3 minutes. This is certainly appealing for businesses that live in constant fear of losing their precious data.

What Is CrashPlan Pro All About?
Bringing CrashPlan Pro into your life is certainly very easy. All you need to do is sign up to one of their packages, download the program and start backing up your data. Those who are less than advanced when it comes to computers will be delighted with the ease of use.

CrashPlan Pro has a number of changes from the regular CrashPlan+ package. As already mentioned, it is set up for business with the number of computers you’re allowed use increased to 200 from 10. Other additional features include individual login accounts, online management (administrator) and the ability to manage other users. There is actually a CrashPlan Pro e version designed for enterprise that allows up to 10,000 computers to access at once.

CrashPlan Pro is not exactly cheap. It costs $7.49 per month per computer though this offers unlimited storage space. This corresponds to $1,498 a month for a business with 200 computers. Alternatively, you could buy storage space in blocks from a minimum of 50GB to a maximum of 4TB.

Certainly, having the unlimited space option offers total peace of mind for business owners. Other great features include the product’s ability to back up information as it changes for the most up to date service imaginable. Even better is the speed at which you can restore your data should an accident ever occur. If you lose a file, all you need to do is open CrashPlan Pro and you should be able to restore it immediately. Also, you can log in via your online account and access files even when you’re out of the office. This is in marked contrast to other companies that may take days to recover your files.

The dashboard is also a joy to behold. It is extremely neat and enables you to see how many computers are online. Other data that is instantly visible includes knowledge of how much data has been backed up, number of users in the account and information relating to the number of computers backing up at the time you’re viewing the screen.

The original CrashPlan allowed you to save files in a friend’s computer. This is no longer the case with CrashPlan Pro. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app at present and there is no server support either. These are all problems that could affect a business though the absence of a mobile app is only an issue in terms of convenience.

Of all the online back up services available to small and medium-sized businesses, CrashPlan Pro has to rate as one of the best. It is not perfect but it does have an array of features, is easy to use and above all, it keeps your data safe and that could be the difference between a company’s success and failure.

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