User reviews of the best online backup services for business use. Compare remote backup software to safeguard small business data and files.

CrashPlan Pro is the latest offering from the world of back up data. It should not be confused with its predecessor, CrashPlan, which was aimed solely at consumers at home. CrashPlan Pro is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who are desperate to keep their data safe in the event of an accident. CrashPlan
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Barracuda Backup Service is one that offers solutions for those who wish to backup their data onsite, offsite, or both. This means that the level of protection you get from them in regards to your computer’s data is totally up to you.

RestartIT is an online backup and recovery company that is fully owned by Venyu. Recently, the company changed its name to RestartIT to reflect a little bit more about what they do. The main difference between RestartIT, formerly AmeriVault, and other online backup companies is that they choose to focus on Recovery Time Objective, or
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Mozy is fast becoming one of the leading names in online backup and just like many other online backup companies, they offer both a home version and a business version called Mozy Pro. Their business is indeed similar in many ways to their home version, yet it is far superior in other ways and is
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Egnyte features a combination of services that is designed to not only make using it easier, but also to allow people save money and time. It is designed to allow online storage, fast local access, file sharing, and backup abilities with a centralized administration It even allows mobile access. There are a variety of features that need to be considered when looking at Egnyte because it is designed to allow business owner to so much in one framework. Here is a quick look at the pricing options as well as the different features that Egnyte provides.

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