Why You Should Backup Files Remotely- Great Resources

International Disaster Database

Most people think about backing up their files in case something happens to their computer.  While is it good, you never know when your computer might be susceptible to a virus, or crash, so this is definitely a smart thing to do.  But, what most people don’t foresee is a natural disaster.  What happens to your computer during a flood, tornado, or earthquake?  While these are rare events, they do occur more often than you may think.

Check out the International Disaster database to see the most recent disasters.  It’s interesting to explore their database learn the frequency and types of disasters in various areas all over the world.

FEMA – fire

Another reason to backup your files remote is fire.  You never know when or where a fire will occur.  FEMA has some great information on their website regarding fires.  They report 4,000 Americans die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires.  FEMA’s website has information on what to do during and after a fire.

How to Prevent a House Fire

Another government agency, CDC, has tips on how to prevent a house fire.  Most fires are preventable, so this information is certainly worth your time to read. They also address safety and prevention tips.  Your workplace probably requires fire drill and safety training, it’s not a bad idea to follow some of the CDC’s recommendations and carry out the same exercises at home.

How to Protect Data after Laptop Theft

It’s not just destruction and damage that you need to worry about though. It’s possible that your laptop could get stolen – they are certainly easy carry.  Imagine the devastation you would feel is someone took your laptop – along with all your important files.  This means not only does the criminal have your computer, but all your files are at their disposal as well.  If you bookmark websites and save password, they can also log in to various accounts of your.  This New York Times blog entry has some information on how to protect your data after left.  And, as in this example, sometimes it isn’t due to theft, but carelessness on the owners part – accidentally leaving their laptop in a taxi.

Computer Security Institute

On the topic of someone gaining access to your files, the Computer Security Institute has great information on what else, but computer safety.  It’s easy to be lax and comfortable with our computers and files, but security is something everyone should keep in mind.

AntiVirus Software

Right along with security, everyone should have antivirus software.  With the internet, it’s possible anyone can have access to your computer.  Apples users haven’t really had to worry about virus, but with the growing popularity of apple computers, hackers are now developing viruses for those computers as well.  If you don’t have any antivirus software, you should definitely research it and buy a package to protect your computer.

Best Laptops

In the event something does happen to your computer, whether by accident, disaster, or theft – as long as you have your files remotely backed up getting set up again shouldn’t be too bad.  It will be a pain, but at least you can restore all your files onto your new computer.  And, while it stinks to have to buy a new computer, there are some really great laptops out there.  Be sure to read reviews of the popular, or not so popular models to make the best choice for you.

Laptop bags and cases

One more point, when buying a new computer, be sure to invest in a good carrying case for your laptop.  Not only do these make transporting your laptop easier, but they does also provide protection.  The padding helps cushion your computer and can keep it safe from spills or other contaminates when you are out.

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