Why Online Backup is Better than Traditional Backup

There is no doubt that you should have all of your computer files backed up, but there is an argument that persists often about which form of backup is better; online backup or traditional backup like disc or other outside media? While both are ways to keep files safe should something happen to your computer, the online method is far superior for several reasons.

First of all, online backup is more convenient. Once you install the online backup software onto your computer and conducted an initial backup, all of the subsequent backups are done automatically. As long as your computer is on, your files are constantly being backed up. With traditional backup, you have to remember to initiate the backup.

Online backup is also much more secure. When your files are saved online, they are done so using encryption or double encryption. This means that a thief who manages to get to your files will be left with a bunch of scrambled up nonsense that they simply can’t use. However, if a thief were to steal your backup disks for example, then they could easily access your files with no trouble at all and use any of the information that they have stolen.

Finally, online backup protects your files form everything. Say for instance your house catches on fire. If you use traditional backup, your backup disks will be lost with your computer so they do you little good. With online backup, your files are a few mouse clicks away.

With all of the important computer files that reside on your hard drive, it just isn’t worth being unprotected. It isn’t even worth being semi-protected with traditional forms of backup. For a few bucks a month you can be fully covered and not have to worry about remembering to do anything but use your computer the way in which you want to.

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