The Importance of Using Anti-Virus Software

Every computer should have a quality anti-virus software program installed on it. If there is no such program in place then your computer can be subjected to all kinds of nasty bugs and viruses that will wreak havoc on it and may actually end up rendering it useless.

Getting a virus on your computer is just like when you get a virus in real life. When you get a virus you tend to feel worn down and you really don’t function at full capacity. This is exactly what happens to your computer when it gets a virus. The only difference is that instead of coughing and sneezing, your computer will throw out error messages and maybe even freeze up or crash.

Some viruses can live on your computer for a long time and not do too much to it. However, what generally happens is that more than one virus will find its way onto your computer and over time you will start to see your computer run as slow as a turtle.

Once you install and run a quality anti-virus software program on your computer, some amazing things happen. First of all, the anti-virus software will catch any existing viruses that may already be on your computer with the initial scan and then allows you to get rid of them permanently. Additionally, the software goes to work after the first scan and protects your computer from further viruses affecting it.

It is important to note that those who design these viruses are really good at what they do. Many hackers spend a lot of time trying to figure out new ways to infect your computer. So, you should be sure that you run a full scan of your computer with your anti-virus software at least once a week to ensure your computer stays as virus free as possible.

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