The Importance of Setting Parental Controls on Your Computer

Kids these days use computers for everything from school work to leisure. However, with all the bad websites that exist today, it is certainly in your best interest to set the parental controls on your computer. This will not only protect your children from seeing something that they shouldn’t, but it will also help to keep your computer safe from viruses, malware, and spyware that might accidentally be contracted from certain websites.

Setting the parental controls on your computer means that you control what your kids can and can’t access. This method will vary depending on whether you own a PC or a Mac, but either way, the process should be completed.

Some of the items that you can address with parental controls include:

  • Time: Parental controls allow you to control how long your kids can stay logged onto the internet or on the computer itself. This will keep them from using the computer too frequently and also help keep their curiosity and temptation to surf unreliable sites at bay.
  • Programs: If there are certain programs installed on your computer that you don’t want your kids accessing, you can block them from doing so. Parental controls allow you to decide which programs they will need and which ones they will not.
  • Games: Kids love games, but not all computer games are suitable. You can use parental controls to determine which games your kids can play. Choose by age-rating level or by game type and keep your kids away from games you might view as harmful to their well-being.

While you can’t do anything about the fact that kids do need to use the computer form time to time, you can help control how they use it. By setting the parental controls on your computer, you will be able to control how your kids use the computer without having to look over their shoulder in order to do so.

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