Pediatric Dentistry: Speaking in a Language You Can Understand

A lot of kids get stressed out by going to the dentist. Here at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we know how stressful that can be for the parents. Seeing a dentist early and often is incredibly important for the health of your child’s teeth, and to avoid painful complications that could require surgery.

To put your child at ease, we break down the technical mumbo jumbo into terms you and your child can understand and have fun with, so that they can be a part of the conversation too. Before you come in for your child’s visit to the dentist, take some time to talk about your visit in these terms to make things seem more fun, and a little less scary for them.

Here’s your glossary of pediatric dental terms to help you with your child’s exams.

Sugar Bugs

Cavities, or dental caries – Holes in your teeth caused by acids clinging to the plaque on teeth and eroding the enamel. The result is a hole that can be painful, put your child at risk for infection, and must be treated right away.

Sugar Bug Poop

Plaque – A sticky, gooey substance that forms on the surface of the teeth. Plaque buildup is completely normal, but must be removed with regular cleanings to lower your child’s risk for developing cavities, or “sugar bugs”.

Checking for Sugar Bugs

The dental exam – This is when we use mirrors and other instruments to get a closer look inside of your child’s mouth to look for “sugar bugs”, and “sugar bug poop”.

Taking Pictures of Teeth

Dental x-rays – We’ll put a lead body apron over your child, and use a tiny camera to take x-rays of the inside of your child’s mouth.

Placing Sparkle on the Teeth

Applying fluoride – It only takes a moment, and is a great way to protect your child’s teeth from decay. A quick and painless squirt of fluoride on their teeth, and they’re off on their way!

Finger Nail Pinch

Local anesthetic – If your child’s dental work requires a local anesthetic, we’ll let them know we’re applying it before the shot and prepare them for what they can expect: the sensation of pinching your gums with your fingernail.

Making the Dentist Seem Less Scary

In a pediatric dentistry, working on children’s teeth is only part of the job. From baby’s first dental visit to emergency dentistry for life’s “oops” moments, it’s about providing care that your child is comfortable with.

Most often, children fear what they don’t understand, or feel they have no control over – much like adults. With an atmosphere designed to put them at ease, kind, patient staff, and language they can understand, Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry is here to make it all just a little less overwhelming.

Questions? Worries? Our door is always open – give us a call to talk to us about how we can make your child’s dental visit as stress-free as possible.

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