Online Backup Versus Disk Backup

Online backup is quickly gaining in popularity over other traditional forms of backup such as disk backup. While any backup for your computer files is better than no backup at all, there are some things to be said about online backup that can’t be said about disk backup.

First of all, you have ease of execution. While the actual process of backing up your computer files via disk may not be hard to do in itself, what may be hard is remembering to do it. With online backup, your files are always being backed up whenever your computer is on. Additionally, the files that get constantly backed up are pre-determined by you with your first backup.

Another perk that online backup offers over disk backup is enhanced security. If someone were to steal your disk files, they would have direct access to all of your computer files without any problems whatsoever.

On the other hand, if someone where smart enough to hack into the online backup system that you use, they would not be able to do anything with the files that they steal. This is because your files will be either encrypted or double encrypted. So, the hacker would be left with a long string of numbers and characters that would resemble ancient hieroglyphics. Only you, or whoever else you give your user name and password to, would be able to decipher the encryption.

Staying on the safety topic, a disk is only safe as long as nothing happens to it. Along with theft you could have a disk get scratched, or in a more extreme case, your whole house could burn down leaving you with no computer, no backup disk, and in the end, no files.

With online backup all of the bad things in the world could happen to you and your computer files will still be safely stored until you are ready to retrieve them. Simply put, online backup is far superior to plain old disk backup.

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