Online Backup – How Safe is it?

You might know that online backup will keep your files safe for you and store them so that you can quickly recover them should something go wrong, but you may not know how safe those stored files actually are. This is a legitimate concern as you may have some files on your computer that have a lot of personal information on them that you don’t want anyone else getting their hands on.

Well, you can rest easy with almost all of the bigger names in online backup that exist today. Companies like Carbonite and Mozy, just to name a couple, protect your files that they store for you in the safest way possible.

These companies use what is known as encryption to protect your files. When a file gets encrypted, it gets re-written so to speak. The encryption will scramble up the original document or file and this scrambling can’t be undone without a user name and password, which only you will have. So, even if a hacker were able to get into where your files are stored, they would not be able to use them as they would only be stealing the re-written encrypted files. In other words, what they steal would be unreadable and worthless.

As if this is not enough protection, many online backup companies go one step further and double encrypt all of your files. Double encryption is the exact same method that the major banks use when storing their client’s personal information. It’s kind of like putting a sealed vault inside another vault and then sealing that one up. While it is probably an unnecessary step to take, it is taken nonetheless.

Online backup will not only allow you to retrieve your files if something does happen to your computer, but it will also let you rest easy knowing that all of your stored files are being stored in the most secure way possible. Online backup really is a true comfort to have.

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