No Excuses for Lost Files

Not so long ago, it seemed losing a file was not a rare occurrence.  Computers crashing, a disc damaged, virus infestation, or stolen laptops were common culprits.  But with the advent of the internet and remote online backup, there’s really no reason for anyone to lose a file anymore.

I used to back up my files by periodically burning my files onto a CD, but this had many problems.  First, months would often go by without backing up my files.  Then there’s the problem of all your files not fitting onto a single disc.  I always had so many pictures and it was a pain to always backup all my pictures – trying to remember which ones had been already backed up and which hadn’t.  Then once you finally did get the disc burned, where do you store it?  If there was a fire, flood, or some other natural disaster my backups would be destroyed as well.   Or what if the disc just got a scratch or accidentally reformatted.  There were so many problems with this method of backing up files.

But, with online backup services all these issues have been solved. These services store your files in a secure remote location that can be accessed from any other computer with an internet connection.  This means even if your computer is stolen – you can easily recover all your files.  And since these programs can be set to back up your files on regular intervals, say every night, you always have the most recent version of your files.  Space is never a problem either; just select a subscription with storage that suits your needs.

Another cool feature of online backup services is that you can access your files from any location.  If you are at work, you can easily access any files from your home computer.  I’ve also used this feature when on vacation and needed access to a file on my home computer. Many companies even offer free services if you don’t require much storage space.  It’s great piece of mind to know all your files are being backup up daily without you ever having to worry about it.

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