New Carbonite Coupon Code for Subscription Savings

Anyone who has ever experienced personal computer data loss knows what a nightmare it can be to be forced into systematically replacing each and every file and software application, and how frustrating it can be to realize that personal photos and documents are lost forever. Data recovery software exists, but tend to be expensive and time-consuming, and are far from guaranteed. A popular alternative is to implement an online backup service—like those cataloged at— where important files may be routinely stored and kept safe from any potential hard drive crashes or computer failures.

The trouble with the remote backup approach is simply that so many different remote backup services exist that choosing one can be daunting; however, many consumers have turned to to help clarify the available options. And now, is making the decision a little easier by providing a coupon code for the popular remote storage service Carbonite.

Jason Kay, company president and developer of, is quick to point out the benefit of using a service such as Carbonite—one of the top-reviewed services on Kay notes, “When you use an online backup service like Carbonite, you are ensuring yourself total peace of mind as you will be able to work without ever having to fear that you may lose your files for good at any given point.”

His enthusiasm for the Carbonite service extends into his pride in offering this coupon code. Computer users interested in using the Carbonite service are given free access to the coupon code through When activated, it provides a total of 10% off any 1, 2, or 3-year subscription to the service., which offers comparative reviews of the numerous online backup services available, currently lists Carbonite as its “Top Pick.” The five-star review praises Carbonite for both its efficacy and its easy, non-invasive use.  The service works by simply installing a small application on your PC, which unobtrusively works in the background to check for new or modified files and save them to a remote storage server. Users do not need to learn any new programs or applications with Carbonite; it works on its own, ideally without the user even noticing it’s there.

Parties interested in pursuing a Carbonite subscription can do so through and receive a number of benefits. The coupon code is one example, but the review of Carbonite also praises the services 15-day free trial offer as an effective way for users to consider whether this service is right for them.

Consumers can access the Carbonite coupon code by visiting Those interested in pursuing other options, however, can also access to read user reviews of other online backup services, compare prices, and explore additional offers.

Regardless of which service you choose, however, Kay is adamant about the importance of online backup. “This will keep your information safe and will ensure that you will always have a copy of your important files. Think about it, if your computer was destroyed would you be able to replace all of your data?”

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