Do you Need Online Backup with a New Computer?

One of the most commonly asked questions about online backup is whether or not you need to have it for a new computer. While you can go without it on a new computer and be relatively safe from your computer crashing, you won’t be fully protected and that is a risk that you may not be willing to take.

Your computer will contain many personal files that you will certainly not want to lose. The number of files will all depend, but even if you have a new computer, you will likely transfer all your existing files from your old computer to your new computer.

The biggest misconception with a new computer is the thought that there is no way a computer crash can happen. While the percentage is small, there is a chance that even a computer that is only a few months, or even weeks, old can in fact crash. If this unlikely event occurs you will lose many or all of your important computer files.

Everything on your computer is at risk without online backup. MP3s, pictures, documents, and the like, they are all at risk. Even if your computer doesn’t crash, can you guarantee that you will not accidentally delete a file or two over the course of the year? If you can guarantee that, can you be sure that something else won’t happen like theft or fire damage?

Online backup is peace of mind. It is very affordable and many companies let you try their services for free before you decide to pay. While your computer may be new, what isn’t new is the ongoing threat of losing some or all of your important computer files. Don’t take a chance with the files that you may have spent the better part of a few years to collect, rest easy and protect them all with online backup.

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