Is Cloud Storage Vulnerable to Hackers?

Online storage is great way to back up your files – they are safely stored in a remote location…or are they?

While it’s true that online storage has many benefits, but this kind of service may not be as secure as we once thought. There’s always a bit of fear using online services.  Some people are still wary of even using credit cards online – but for the most part these transactions are safe.  The same true of any information stored or exchanged online; so, there are some inherent risks of online storage.

With the growing popularity of remote storage, also known as cloud storage, there’s also those that are getting better at hacking into all that data stored on remote servers.  Not only are individuals using remote storage, but US businesses are projected to spend $13 billion dollars on cloud services by 2014.  But, having all of a company’s business files, anything from credit card information to their intellectual property, all stored in a cloud makes that a huge target.  Where there is great opportunity, hackers will find a way to get that reward.

Turns out clouds are very hackable – giving professional cybercriminals an easy target.   Clouds by nature, allow easy access, so users can access their files from any location.  This convenience is ultimately its greatest weakness as well.   Also, because many users may store data on the same cloud, it gives hackers easier access to multiple targets.

So, while cloud storage has advantages of automatically backing up your files, storing your files in a remote location (great if your laptop gets stolen), and letting you access your files from any other computer, keep in mind those files stored remotely may not be as safe as cloud service providers would lead you to believe.

Learn more about remote online storage options for your files.

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