Buying Online Backup

Everyone in the modern world is susceptible to having data lost, stolen, or corrupted, and by now you’ve probably determined that some form of data backup is a must-have. You also know the advantages of online backup – having your data in a separate physical location than your computer has numerous advantages over tape drive or DVD backups of your data. The only question now is which of the numerous online backup services do you select to help you safeguard your files? Follow these steps to help narrow the field of service providers:

1.    Determine how much backup space you need. The majority of backup companies price their services based on the amount of data storage space you need. Sure you can get huge amounts of space, but there’s no need to pay for more than you actually need. You can find out how much space you need by right clicking the start button, then selecting ‘Open Windows Explorer’.  Then you right click the C drive under Computer and select ‘Properties’. Then you’ll see how much space you’re using on your machine. Keep in mind that this include program files and other data that you may not wish to backup.  If you just want to backup pictures or music or whatever, browse to those folders in Windows Explorer and right click to find their size.

2.    Compare services and prices of backup providers. There are differences between the major services, and certain software is a better fit for smaller companies while some backup providers are a better fit for large companies with numerous machines. For example, Carbonite offers unlimited backup storage for $54.95 per computer, whereas with Safecopy allows you to backup several computers for one price.

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