What Exactly Are Online Backup Services?

Online backup is the process of copying files over the internet and storing it remotely in another location. It is a way of covering yourself if something goes wrong, a bit like insurance. It might seem like an unnecessary precaution at the time, but you will be thankful if and when your computer crashes and you lose all your important documents.

Many things can go wrong with computers; they can crash or be damaged, or even stolen. When these things happen, usually it is the lost files that are the most valuable rather than the actual machine. Not in terms of money but in terms of value to the user. Many of us store our whole lives on our computers; photos, work and other important documents. However, if you’ve had the foresight to backup your files online, you need never go through the trauma of losing important documents again!

In the past, methods of backing up files meant periodically copying your important files or folders to CD, DVD or alternate hard drives. Many people often store these next to their computers at home, however this is not a good idea should a flood or fire hit the home.

A better idea is to store your files and folders online. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. By simply downloading software, installing it on your PC or laptop and connecting to the online backup provider’s server, you will put in place a secure online backup strategy. Furthermore, this strategy can become an automated procedure that can be conducted at regular intervals while your computer is still on.

Online backup systems are secure and can be password-protected data and you can simply send all your documents to another computer using the internet. If your data is ever lost or stolen, all you need do is contact the online backup provider and retrieve the information, simple!

With an online backup system you can access all your files from anywhere using a PC or a laptop, providing you have a high speed internet connection. This means you will never be without your important files again. This usually works best with a few files rather than the entire contents of your hard drive, but very useful nonetheless.

For all the pros of an online backup service, there are of course some cons. The first one is an issue of security. If you are sending your valuable information to another source then you will understandably be concerned about the security measures involved, especially during the transfer stage. This is an issue that needs to be taken up by the service provider before going ahead with the system.

Another issue is the speed at which the system can operate. Dial up internet connections will of course take more time in the transfer and retrieval process, but this can be overcome by doing your backing up overnight. The first backup will take longer to complete depending on the amount of data that needs transferring. It will get faster as you continue to use the service.

However, the pros of online backup services do outweigh the cons. So if you want a way to easily manage your backup strategy, eliminate the hassle of copying/storing tapes, CDs and DVDs and retrieve files wherever you are and at any time, then an online backup service could be for you!

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