The Cost of Online Backup Services

Online backup services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses come to realize the many advantages that online data backup offers. The question no longer is whether to backup data, but what backup option one should choose from. There are several major reasons why online backup is being preferred over other backup options. One such reason is the sheer number and quality of features that online backup typically offers. One common feature is encryption. Encryption provides a great sense of security for business owners concerned about the privacy of data stored on file; owners typically can store their own encryption key that the backup company is never privy to. Another common feature is continuous backup. This automatically updates backup information either continuously or on a predefined schedule. This is a major advantage over other types of backup solutions where one has to manually update backup data. Another common feature of online backup is file-by-file restore, which enables the user to access the data directly without having to go through an intermediary. There are many other features that online backup services can provide, but for now let’s examine the factors that contribute to the cost of using online backup services.

Factors Influencing Online Backup Cost
There is a lot of variability between costs of online backup services. This is because the services differ in the options that they offer to the consumer. One main factor that influences the cost of online backup services is the total amount of data that is being backed up. Interestingly, it can actually be less expensive if you have more data, if you think about it relatively. For example, unlimited backup services like Carbonite have a set fee. So the more you backup, the less it costs per gigabyte of data. This is different from backup choices like data discs, where you continuously have to buy more and more as your company expands and accumulates information. Other big cost factors include the amount of machines that are covered by a backup service, the features that an online backup company offers (along with the level of service), data retention and archiving period options, and lastly the maximum amount of versions per preserved file.

Is it worth it?
If you have a big business, it is definitely worth it to use an online backup service. A recent study found that 30% of Fortune 500 companies use some form of online backup. This number appears to be steadily increasing. Small businesses do not necessarily need to make this investment, but other backup options are essential. The advantages of online backup outweigh the disadvantages; online backup services offer a level of security like no other. Further, you can often set the online backup program to backup automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually, as with other backup alternatives. Time is a value in and of itself, and the efficiency of online backup simply cannot be beat. Should you decide to use an online backup system, just do your research, and rest assured that your files will be kept safe. That peace of mind is worth something as well.

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