Secure Online Back-Up For All Your Important Documents

Nowadays, many of us store large parts of our lives on our computers or laptops. We keep all of our precious photographs, music and important work documents here so when something goes wrong and we end up losing files it can be incredibly frustrating. Most of us automatically assume that our precious files will be safe when saved on our computers; however issues such as power failure, hard drives being wiped and viruses are all potential threats that could lead to losing information.

In the past, people have used simple methods such as backing up files and documents on CD’s, memory sticks and external hard drives to protect themselves but these methods are no longer sufficient. Nowadays, there are more effective ways of keeping important files safe such as using online back-up.

Online backup from companies like Carbonite has a wealth of advantages attached to it and is the most up-to-date and effective way of managing your computer files in today’s world. Most of all online back-up is easy. In fact, it is thought that online storage of files is the easiest option available today. This method keeps things simple as all your backups are fully automated on a daily basis or on a frequency personally decided by you. You can use this method to automatically backup whatever you want, whenever you want so you don’t even need to think about protecting your files. Online backups are the safest way to protect all your important documents and files.

When it comes to your private documents and files, safety and privacy are paramount. Safety is an issue addressed by online backup systems as when you save files online you are automatically sent an e-mail notification which includes a comprehensive report with all the relevant file information you need to keep track on what’s being stored. As an added level of safety and privacy, all back-ups are encrypted at source and your personal information can only be accessed by a personal password set by you.

Online back-up holds an advantage of other traditional back-up systems as the recovery time for data stored online is much less than that of CDs, zip drives and tapes. No IT personnel are involved in this system and you will save time accessing your files as you won’t need to search for the right CD or memory stick. It is also really easy for these things to get lost, an issue that you don’t need to worry about with online back-up.

If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective way of protecting your files then online back-up is the perfect solution. The whole system is fully automated which gives you the peace of mind to focus on more important things such as your work. You can rest assured that your important documents are in safe hands as all your files are stored in a selection of locations. This makes it impossible to lose data and you can access your work from whatever PC you are using, from any location.

It is clear that online back-up systems have some amazing advantages so if you are still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to keeping your files safe, why not make the move over to online back-up for extra security, privacy and convenience.

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