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Everybody that owns a computer needs to have an online backup storage provider. Why? Think about how many irreplaceable files you currently have on your computer. Right now you probably have document files for work, pictures of you and your family, and maybe even some music files for your iPod. What would you do if your computer crashed tomorrow? The answer is you would lose all those files forever.

With online backup storage this nightmare scenario will never be able to rear its ugly head. That’s because the companies that provide the online backup storage such as Carbonite and Mozy allow you to backup all of your files and place no limitation on the amount of files that you can backup using their services. So for only a few dollars per month you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your files are safely backed up.

Once you files are backed up there is nobody that can access them unless they have your user name and password. To add an extra layer of protection the online backup storage companies will double encrypt all of your files so that if anybody does hack into the system to get at your files they will not be able to do anything with them. This is the same technique employed by all the major banks with their files.

You may think that that you are immune to losing your files because you have a brand new computer. This common misconception costs people millions of files each and every year. Even the most well built computers can have a hard drive crash or be susceptible to a computer virus that wipes files out completely. If this happens to you and you lose your files then they are gone for good and hopefully you didn’t need them for a big presentation. Along with your computer malfunctioning you have theft, fire, and other factors that could lead to you ultimately losing some or all of your important files.

If however anything happens to your computer and you have your files backed up then all you need is another computer with an Internet connection and your files are easily accessible in a few short steps. Though you may never need to use this step isn’t it worth a few bucks a month to know that you can?

You are probably thinking that this type of protection is too much money, but you may be pleasantly surprised to know that total protection from top companies such as Carbonite and Mozy will cost you less than five bucks per month. Best of all both of these particular online backup storage services let you try their services for free without having to give a credit card number.

Don’t be like so many other people in America today and just assume that your computer will be protecting your files. Often times when you realize that you should have had your files backed up it is too late and they are lost for good. Your files are too important to leave to chance and they quite simply need to be backed up.

Find and compare online backup services today.

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