Online Backup Software – How It Works and What It Costs

Many people have a general understanding of what online backup software is and why it can be important, however many people don’t really understand how it works or what it will cost. In order to gain a better understanding of the entire process, it is important to define exactly what online backup software is, what it does, and how much it will cost.

Online Backup Software vs. Online Backup Service

One of the most important things to understand when trying to understand the ins and outs of online backup software is that it is different than an online backup service. While an online backup service will likely include online backup software, the software itself does not come with the full service. The software is the actual program or interface that you use to communicate with your online backup service or server. The service is the actual use of space and security provided by the backup company. Often a service will provide a variety of additional features to make using their service more convenient and user friendly.

How Online Backup Software Works

There are several different types of online backup server: client software, server software, and replication software. Normally all three of the types of software are bundled together, but not always, so it is important to make sure that you know what you are getting. The client software is the software which is installed on the computer that has the data which will be stored online. It is what creates, schedules, and runs all of the backup tasks. It is also what is normally used to restore/retrieve data from the server to place back on the computer.

Server software is installed on the server that will be storing the backup folders, files, and data. Oftentimes, it will be able to simultaneously connect to multiple users who are running the client software. It will contain the management or admin interface which will allow server administrators to set up and manage user accounts, set specific configurations, and monitor the system as a whole.

Replication software is considered optional. The purpose of this software is to replicate backup data from the server to an additional replication server. This is primarily done to ensure that even if something happens to the server, such as power loss, malicious attack, or the server just goes down, you will still have all of the data stored on a separate server. This redundancy make the data much less likely to be lost or damaged.

How Much Does Online Backup Software Cost?

The price of online backup software will vary greatly based upon what features you get. There are a wide variety of different features that are more important to some purposes than others. For example, a private label solution will likely be more expensive than standard software because it allows you to completely rebrand the software. This feature is important to people who want to offer a back up solution to clients and would like the clients to see their logo and brand on the software instead of the company that created the software. Additionally, the software is often sold on a per license basis, which can dramatically affect the total cost of the package.

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