Online Backup or External Hard Drive – Which is Better?

A simple fact of life is that computer files are often lost. These losses can occur from a variety of different reasons. The losses are always unexpected and always unpleasant. After all, would you be able to replace your valuable files if you had to? The best way to protect your information is either with an online backup service or with an external hard drive. Which method is the best?

External Hard Drive
These devices are simple to use, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. With an external hard drive, backup will always be completed manually. This means that you will have to remember to consistently back your files up, daily if possible. Backup is simple, but you will have to exert the manual effort from time to time.

One problem with this method is that daily backup may just not be enough. This is especially true if you make your living working on the computer. Imagine the horror of losing an entire day’s work if you hadn’t been able to backup recently. This could result in a lot of wasted time and a lot of frustration. This could be especially detrimental if you were faced with an impending deadline.

Online Backup
Online backup offers simple protection for all of your computer files. These files are safe since most backup companies use double encryption to protect your valuable information. Double encryption renders your files useless if they are lost or stolen. No matter what, your information is safe. In fact, this level of encryption is used by banks to protect your financial information like bank balances and passwords.

Installation and use of an online backup service is simple. Usually you can get started quickly often after only one small download. After this, the online backup program will take care of the rest. This means that your files will be constantly backed up. No more losing files or work simply because you hadn’t gotten around to backing up critical files yet. It takes care of everything, providing easy backup with little effort.

Online Advantages
Another great advantage of online backup is that it is better able to protect your computer from disaster. Sure an external hard drive can protect information should your computer crash, however, what if there was a fire? The hard drive would burn alongside the computer. With online backup, your files will be ready and waiting as soon as you get a new computer and internet connection. It really is complete protection.

Online backup isn’t even that expensive. For the amazing convenience, you would think this service would cost a ton. It doesn’t. In fact you should be able to get online backup for less than $5 a month. You will end up spending about the same as you would for an external hard drive for almost a year of protection. Plus online backup provides more complete coverage. It really is the right choice.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing an external hard drive over online backup. For about the same price, online backup provides more advanced coverage, automatic backup and secure protection. It is a great choice for business and personal computers.

Read online backup reviews to help you choose the best service for your needs.

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