Online Backup: Ensuring the Safety Of Your Files On Any Computer

Data is a primary asset used continuously in everyday life. Whether used at home or within your job, our computers store a wide number of precious files, which we can often take advantage of until it is too late. Whilst it is possible to back up these important files using a number of small backup devices, online backup has increasingly emerged as a much more viable alternative.

Online backup for storing important information has become much more widespread in recent years, particularly within the business world. Large corporations through to small businesses have reaped the benefits of online backup systems when a technical disaster strikes. The value of having a backup system in place should certainly not be underestimated as technical glitches are often unforeseen and very unpredictable. Without a backup system in place, the consequences of a technical breakdown can have catastrophic consequences. In a worst case scenario, data may be completely irretrievable, resulting in a complete loss of vital information.

Whilst a backup hard drive or a memory disk may provide a solution, the issue of security is often a problematic theme when it comes to storing data on secondary devices. It has been well publicized in recent years that highly sensitive information associated with government agencies has been lost or stolen without any means of retrieval. These persistent problems only serve to strengthen the case for an alternative backup plan when it comes to storing valuable data. Online backup seems to have stepped into the breach, offering a time saving, cost effective solution to outdated methods.

An online backup system gives the user complete peace of mind in respect of file storage. The primary benefit of an online backup system is that the system will operate without assistance, eliminating the need for a labor intensive process. Built around the specifications of a client’s server, an online backup system will regularly operate on premeditated schedule. Gathering information at least once a day, all files on a computer are compressed, encrypted and stored on a remote server, separate to an in-house server. These remote servers are often found in an external location in order to maintain a high level of security. This process bypasses the need for a person to physically sit and transfer countless amounts of data to a separate backup system which can be incredibly time-consuming and less secure.

What makes online backup so revolutionary is that the data which an offsite server stores can be accessed from any PC. Whilst backing up data in any form is sensible, computer hard drives, compact disks and USB pens for instance, are all susceptible to loss, theft and in an extreme scenario, a fire. Although online backup means that data can be accessed from any PC, security issues are also highly unlikely. Online backup systems incorporate highly sophisticated encryption methods in order to ensure that stored data remains tightly protected with the use of passwords and high level security around the perimeter of the server’s external location.

The fact that an online backup system can be accessed from any PC remotely means that information can be retrieved indefinitely. This not only eliminates the need for portable devices, but should anything happen to the original PC which houses information on its hard drive, the online backup system provides the ideal backup solution. This in effect means that when used in a business scenario, online backup can not only guarantee a high level of security relating to a business’ data, but can also help to keep their productivity high, helping their business to thrive.

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